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Mob Rule: what did you Expect?
by nano Monday, Aug 8 2011, 10:13pm
international / social/political / commentary

People learn from each other and their respective cultures but above all they learn from their LEADERS. The recent ORGANISED UK civil riots are just the beginning of a widespread disillusionment and RETALIATION by the socially abused and EXPLOITED.

UK Riots
UK Riots

[The] people have witnessed their LEADERS and society’s elites committing war and economic crimes (almost daily) and suffering no consequences for their OBVIOUS crimes. NATO’s criminal bombing of Libya – killing innocent children -- and America’s missile attacks in Central Asia result in countless CIVILIAN DEATHS. The FACT that murdering innocent civilians and PLUNDERING/stealing the wealth of weaker nations continue to be regarded as heinous WAR CRIMES is NOT LOST on the people (of the WORLD!)

The masses see no JUSTICE applied or repercussions for the horrific crimes committed by their leaders, so they LEARN, consciously or unconsciously, that CRIME PAYS -- what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Indeed leadership continues to influence society at every level but the NEW enemy as the people see it, are the greedy CRIMINAL ruling elites and it is their wealth and well being that is under threat today.

The reaction from the quivering ruling elites will of course be to respond with force and brutally lock down their respective societies, which of course will only exacerbate the situation and fuel more violence. However, the people will prevail simply because elites are TOTALLY DEPENDENT on the people, their 'current' SLAVES, for security and everything else. What surprises most commentators and analysts is that elites failed to appreciate the BROADER social consequences of their criminal actions – well, take a GOOD, LONG, LOOK NOW, you MORONS!

The only nations or societies likely to avoid mob rule are those societies that have REPRESENTATIVE LEADERS – REAL DEMOCRACIES in other words! If the people’s interests, rather than minority elite interests, are represented and expressed then those societies would be immune to the type of social unrest sweeping Europe, the Middle East and very soon, the USA.

We could have scripted the consequences for you but your criminal greed and selfishness blinded you to the consequences of your criminal actions, so please enjoy the consequences now, you unspeakable criminal scum.

You will ALL be hanging from light poles soon enough -- and as you are acutely aware, there is nowhere to run except perhaps to RESTORING JUSTICE and the immediate CESSATION of YOUR criminal ACTIONS!

British PM, David 'let them eat cake' Cameron
British PM, David 'let them eat cake' Cameron


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