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Protest Poetry
by penn Sunday, Jul 23 2006, 6:13am
international / prose/poetry / literature

The USA has forfeited any claim it may have had on moral leadership as a result of its failure to respond in a timely and appropriate fashion to the Middle East crisis. It has also lost the initiative in all matters international. Other nations have been forced to respond to the crisis in the face of U.S. incompetence. The following poem is an expression of disgust at the cold-blooded callousness and disregard for human life openly displayed by the USA and Israel. It is dedicated to the U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.


to Condoleezza Rice

Your napalm hair
virus eyes
fall-out face
missile thighs
tombstone teeth
radium smile

who was it dared
to sire you?

mushroom breath
mutant gaze
armoured feet
genocide ways
poison breasts
burning womb

who is it can

silo crotch
button clitoris
begging a touch.


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by rendition Tuesday, Jul 25 2006, 5:50pm

Hmmm, does anyone really believe the illogic of Rice? Her latest excuse, feign, stall for time -- allowing Israel to inflict as much human suffering as possible -- is a refusal to negotiate a ceasefire unless a "sustained" peace can be achieved!

This Disneyland comment lacks a relationship with the real world -- perhaps an example from recent US history may clarify the statement for the rest of the world.

Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, all invaded and subsequently occupied by the USA -- I think I've finally got it -- 'sustained' peace means invade, conquer and occupy -- military intervention by the USA or one of its allies -- is that it?.

GET REAL -- Peace, whether sustained (for a day or a million years) BEGINS with a ceasefire. Have you got that Condi? 'ALL' Peace starts with a cessation of hostilities -- negotiations continue from that point.

We would all like to know what price a human life Ms Rice? How do you intend to broker a peace by allowing hostilities to continue -- you bird-brain.

You must also be willing to accept your price for a human life. That will be interesting won't it Condi? Many would like to apply that value to you. Get a move on, the price you have placed on humans at present is the value of a stupid excuse or illogical statement!

The other glaring reality is that the only 'sustainable peace' is DEATH!

Is that your wish Condi?

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