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The Bin Laden Fairy Tale: flying in the face of REASON and common sense
by dasha Saturday, Aug 6 2011, 12:50am
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Numerous retractions and re-writes of the Bin Laden raid/STORY aside, other compelling facts completely negate the lame and ABSURD LIES that issue from Washington.

Obama administration watching pornos in the 'situation room'
Obama administration watching pornos in the 'situation room'

Namely, why murder an unarmed, sick (acute kidney disease) man when he could have easily been taken aboard a US Naval vessel as were some of his wives and other civilians from the compound? The propaganda value of a living Bin Laden would have been immeasurable, the US could have milked it forever and restored their crumbling story of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

After allegedly executing an unarmed Bin Laden, why then dispose of the only available evidence (THE BODY) that would have removed, by detailed forensic investigation, all doubts that the mission was a success? [A story disputed by EYE WITNESSES who lived next door to the compound and by other witnesses living in the immediate vicinity who entered the compound before Pakistani military personnel arrived at the scene.]

The excuse offered by Washington that it disposed of the body in the sea (unrecoverable) in respect of Muslim funerary rites, is ridiculous -- no respect has ever been accorded Muslim torture victims or ‘high value detainees' in Iraq or in other clandestine prisons, occupied territories and detention centres. Who besides the extremely feeble minded, is Washington trying to kid?

WHY were there so many retractions and re-writes of the official story – virtually made on the run -- and why does the final story have more holes in it than Swiss cheese?

ANSWER: BECAUSE IT’S ANOTHER BIG LIE and failed operation brought to you by the same BUNGLING Executive that gave you 9/11 and the JFK ‘magic bullet’ theory. These stories defy basic physics/REALITY but the executive relies on the public’s short term memory and apathy to get them by;

HOWEVER, some things are just too absurd and outrageous to forget!

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Never forget, REALITY always wins the day in the end; especially against the most FEEBLE LIES ever promulgated by any government anywhere!

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