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Truth Denied
by nano Thursday, Aug 4 2011, 3:21am
international / miscellaneous / other press

Numerous LEADING academic and scientific EXPERTS are demanding a FORENSIC investigation into the 9/11 event. The government report is clearly INADEQUATE.

If 9/11 is a crime, as the government would have us believe, then DENYING valid requests for a comprehensive forensic investigation into the event, CLEARLY constitutes a crime after the fact!


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by jim Thursday, Aug 4 2011, 11:01pm

The entire criminal enterprise that has seen the US and NATO turn the world into a permanent war zone hinges on the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Exposing the sordid TRUTH of that now clearly identifiable executive conspiracy is imperative if the world is to know peace and target the REAL terrorists in Washington, London and Western Europe.

America's permanent war on a non-entity, a WORD -- "terror" -- ALLOWS US/NATO CRIMINALS to conduct wars and occupations wherever and for as long as they wish. A word can neither negotiate a truce or any settlement whatsoever, nor can a word ever capitulate/surrender!

The tactics employed by US/NATO were developed in Madison Ave, the marketing advertising capital of the world and have been effective to date -- but as we all know shit FLOATS and no LIE can be sustained for long.

In order for any war or conflict to have a chance of ending, warring factions must be able to think and negotiate, CLEARLY an abstraction or WORD (TERROR) does not fall into the category of sentient or cognitive being.

The (EXTREMELY) weak link (they know it) in the entire nefarious plan is 9/11! It is therefore IMPERATIVE that a COMPREHENSIVE inquiry is conducted into the event by EXPERTS, not unqualified bureaucrats (NIST). The exposed truth of 9/11 would bring down the entire conspiracy for global control.

The TRUTH would then set the WORLD FREE of the EVIL mass murdering criminals that have hijacked western democracies, destroyed the global economy and reign terror, war and bombs on innocent people TODAY.

The criminal cabals, as is clearly evident, offer the world nothing but ruin, hardship, permanent war and HORROR -- I am CERTAIN WE ABLE to do better than that!

Join the highly qualified experts in demanding a full inquiry into the 9/11 fraud, NOW!


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