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Democracy Betrayed
by zed Tuesday, Jul 26 2011, 11:23am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

If we, the democratic majority, condone or allow elected representatives to renege or back-peddle on promises then we must accept the responsibility for the failure of democracy. Democracy demands that the will of the majority is uncompromisingly served, no ‘ifs or buts!’ Everyone is able to comprehend the simple principles embodied in the Democratic ideal.

LYING Duo, Tony Blair and Julia Gillard
LYING Duo, Tony Blair and Julia Gillard

What then if elected leaders fail to carryout the wishes of the majority? Clearly, governments that oppose the will of the majority must be warned then removed from office if they fail to heed the warning. It is true, the most politically effective remedial actions are simple -- replace any and all unrepresentative leaders with representative leaders immediately it is detected that serving leaders are following agendas other than those they were elected to follow – the MAJORITY must be served or the system of government is NOT a Democracy.

If the majority FAIL to rein in elected leaders that LIE or act in any manner that OPPOSES the will of the people – the imposition of a Carbon Tax in Australia, for example – then that leader must either resign or be forcefully REMOVED from office. These principles are not difficult to understand, not even for banjo playing Americans!

The failure of democracy cannot be attributed to LYING, CORRUPT and traitorous politicians or shadowy elites, it is the result of the masses failing to ENSURE that their will is followed – in other words YOU and I are clearly responsible for any breakdown in democracy as the ONUS is ALWAYS on the MAJORITY to ensure that ITS WILL is served at all times.

The absurd proposition that the population only exercises its democratic prerogatives at election time enables corrupt, self-serving politicians to brazenly LIE to the public and then pursue UNREPRESENTATIVE minority agendas, like the Goldman Sachs Carbon Tax in Australia.

If a population allows itself to be easily betrayed then clearly it deserves everything it gets and it is no use complaining or attempting to avoid responsibility for the failure. If the will of the majority is not actively pursued then the ACTIVE will of a minority will be.


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Tony Blair assists Gillard -- 2 LIARS are 'better' than one!
by gale Tuesday, Jul 26 2011, 12:46pm

Tony Blair known throughout the thinking world as a brazen LIAR and war criminal, once made the now infamous FALSE claim that Saddam Hussein could launch a WMD attack on the UK within 45 minutes!

LYING murderer Blair should be in jail not LYING to the good citizens of Oz on behalf of banking elites and other minority interests about a PENALTY economy based on a Carbon Tax.

Blair has always been in the service of Large Financial concerns, notably JP Morgan and large oil companies, in whose service he lied in order to invade oil rich Iraq -- murdering over ONE MILLION innocent civilians in the process!

Blair's involvement in the Carbon Con establishes a clear connection between the forces that are raping and pillaging weaker nations for their natural resource wealth today and the forces behind the Carbon Con.

Blair is a reprehensible lackey, LIAR and heinous criminal - proven many times over. His support of juLIAR Gillard's sell of the Goldman Sachs Carbon Tax to the people of Oz is a clear indication that the same criminal forces are behind the Carbon Tax and the many civilian killing CRIMINAL wars of the 21st century.

Well done, NAKED LIARS and LACKEYS, Tony and Juliar!

eyes wide open
by sy Wednesday, Jul 27 2011, 2:26am

Oz PM Gillard, is aware that over 60% of the population vigorously OPPOSE the Carbon Tax she LIED so flagrantly about to gain office.

after gaining office fraudulently she now hopes to impose this PENALTY Tax on the people.

So compliant is she to non-representative minority interests -- the ONLY beneficiaries of this tax -- that she would oppose every democratic principle and the VAST MAJORITY of Australians in order to serve her masters -- the Banking and Corporate non-representative elites.

AWARE that well over half the population now despises her and her Tax, Gillard nevertheless is attempting to run the SAME errand for minority elites that Rudd failed to deliver!

If any Aussie cannot see the shadowy hands of minority elites CONSTANTLY attempting to manipulate Oz Democracy, regardless of which party is in office, then they are either blind or retarded.

Nevertheless, the MAJORITY of PEOPLE are ADAMANT, they don't want a bar of this unfair tax or the PENALTY economy that it would spawn.

Australian DEMOCRACY WILL BE SERVED one way or the other!

Goodbye, JuLIAR and good riddance to the Federal Labor Lackey Party.

US military to be permanently based on Australian soil - just don't call it occupation!
by Ian McPhedran via stan - News Ltd Thursday, Aug 4 2011, 9:31am

US military hardware and personnel are set to be permanently placed in Australia, though both governments continue to avoid the word "base".

Defence Minister Stephen Smith in Washington yesterday revealed he was keen to cement formal links so that the US could:

POSITION military equipment on Australian soil.

HAVE greater access to Australian training and test ranges, such as Shoalwater Bay in Queensland and Woomera in SA.

REGULARLY use Australian bases and ports.

"The strategic focus of our discussions with the United States is to the north of Australia and to the strategically important arc running from the Indian Ocean through to the Asia-Pacific region," Mr Smith told the Brookings Institution.

"The discussions include making sure that we are postured to be able to respond in a timely and effective way to a range of contingencies that may arise in our region, including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

"That would mean pre-positioning supplies, equipment and Navy platforms to be closer to where natural disasters may occur."

Mr Smith was in Washington for high-level discussions with new US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta.

In addition to bases, the pair discussed worrying delays to the huge Joint Strike Fighter program and how the US could help Australia to develop its next generation of conventional submarines.

"Part of this planning is to talk to our friends and partners who have significant expertise in designing, building and operating submarines," Mr Smith said.

"Part of this planning is also making sure that our future submarine, its combat systems and capabilities, is interoperable with US forces, so we can continue to work together to meet security challenges into the future."

Mr Smith will have raised eyebrows in Beijing with his admission that Australia is the "southern tier" of America's strategic interest.

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