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Democracy Betrayed
by zed Tuesday, Jul 26 2011, 11:23am
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If we, the democratic majority, condone or allow elected representatives to renege or back-peddle on promises then we must accept the responsibility for the failure of democracy. Democracy demands that the will of the majority is uncompromisingly served, no ‘ifs or buts!’ Everyone is able to comprehend the simple principles embodied in the Democratic ideal.

LYING Duo, Tony Blair and Julia Gillard
LYING Duo, Tony Blair and Julia Gillard

What then if elected leaders fail to carryout the wishes of the majority? Clearly, governments that oppose the will of the majority must be warned then removed from office if they fail to heed the warning. It is true, the most politically effective remedial actions are simple -- replace any and all unrepresentative leaders with representative leaders immediately it is detected that serving leaders are following agendas other than those they were elected to follow – the MAJORITY must be served or the system of government is NOT a Democracy.

If the majority FAIL to rein in elected leaders that LIE or act in any manner that OPPOSES the will of the people – the imposition of a Carbon Tax in Australia, for example – then that leader must either resign or be forcefully REMOVED from office. These principles are not difficult to understand, not even for banjo playing Americans!

The failure of democracy cannot be attributed to LYING, CORRUPT and traitorous politicians or shadowy elites, it is the result of the masses failing to ENSURE that their will is followed – in other words YOU and I are clearly responsible for any breakdown in democracy as the ONUS is ALWAYS on the MAJORITY to ensure that ITS WILL is served at all times.

The absurd proposition that the population only exercises its democratic prerogatives at election time enables corrupt, self-serving politicians to brazenly LIE to the public and then pursue UNREPRESENTATIVE minority agendas, like the Goldman Sachs Carbon Tax in Australia.

If a population allows itself to be easily betrayed then clearly it deserves everything it gets and it is no use complaining or attempting to avoid responsibility for the failure. If the will of the majority is not actively pursued then the ACTIVE will of a minority will be.

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