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‘Extreme Nationalist’ – the New Bogeyman
by kent Sunday, Jul 24 2011, 3:45am
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

In the wake of the recent massacres in Norway, which killed over ninety citizens, the world was surprised to learn that the killer was NOT a bearded Jihadist – such is the power of mass media saturation over an extended period. The lunatic in this instance was a Norwegian local with a right wing Christian fundamentalist background. What is interesting to note however, are the numerous instances of media racial profiling; the killer is universally described as blonde, six feet tall, blue eyes etc, emphasising that extremists are not necessarily swarthy or dark featured 'foreigners.' The media seems less concerned with the fact that lunacy knows no racial boundaries than it is with highlighting the home grown terrorist factor! Or could the almost uniform media accounts of this tragedy be hiding another Iraq style WMD LIE and new 'terrorist' bogeyman creation?

Bomber gunman, 32yo Anders Behring Breivik
Bomber gunman, 32yo Anders Behring Breivik

I have often lectured that a lie reveals the truth it attempts to hide by direct connection. In this instance I would reserve final assessment until all the facts are known -- too many descriptions of the killer carry the tag ‘extreme nationalist,’ inferred or stated; a repetition difficult for any good analyst, much less a semiotician, to miss.

To clarify for the moronic majority, ‘extreme nationalist’ is a Big Brother description of a home grown terrorist -- ‘we must keep the terrorist threat alive and pumping after the staged death of Hollywood Bin Laden but we need to universalise the threat these days, we have REAL enemies emerging from every quarter;’ one could safely bet is the topic of whispers in globalist circles.

Indeed, it seems that attempts are underway, after the staged (not a shred of real evidence) ‘death’ of Hollywood Bin Laden to create a more tailored ‘terrorist' bogeyman in order to justify the huge loss of civil liberties and international civilian killing war crimes. Maintaining fear, division and hate in local populations is also a priority; sheeple are much easier to herd when frightened, I am told! Could it really be true?

Patterns reveal everything in the end; ruling elites are about as difficult to read and pre-empt as a 25 cent novel with a bad plot.

We wait patiently for the next round of packaged mass media releases originating from the New York based, "CFR" – look it up sheeple, maybe you might learn something other than how to be obedient slaves! I will repeat a previous contributor's question: 'have you ever wondered why US/NATO civilian killing WAR CRIMES are never pursued by the mass media?

We wait patiently for more details on the Norwegian massacre -- with hyped swat teams everywhere some are wondering how an armed to the teeth lunatic killer was taken so easily, a completely out of character event for shooting mass murderers! Cynics are also asking whether we should expect numerous story retractions and re-writes similar to the ABSURD charade of the Bin Laden raid in Pakistan.

You people are pathetic – and transparent! The dissident voice and civil resistance against criminal ruling elites can never be eliminated but it's now time for your OT, you walking mummies!


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Semantic Propaganda Feeds Stupidity
by Joel S. Hirschhorn via stan - Global Research Sunday, Jul 24 2011, 4:08am

We would already have had a much needed American revolution in response to the tyranny of the money-fed two-party plutocracy that is destroying the middle class except for one big problem: so much of the American population is just plain stupid. Too stupid to behave like angry Greeks and rise up in the streets to rebel against the dysfunctional government.

In the never ending fight of Republicans and their cancerous (make that stupid) Tea Party members to gain even more control of the US political system, economy and culture they have fixed on another semantic weapon. The latest attack on intelligence is the constant use of the term job creators in place of words like the rich or wealthy. Not just plain Republicans in Congress are doing this, but especially the large crop of Republican presidential candidates.

This bit of cleverness surely was deemed necessary because much of the nation was beginning to appreciate the class warfare going on. Rising economic inequality, unemployment set in concrete, and merging of the middle class into the poverty stricken lower class were all becoming clearer.

Keep this in mind: As Zuckerman pointed out, the US “experienced the loss of over 7 million jobs, wiping out every job gained since the year 2000. From the moment the Obama administration came into office, there have been no net increases in full-time jobs, only in part-time jobs. This is contrary to all previous recessions. Employers are not recalling the workers they laid off from full-time employment.” Business sectors have discovered that they can maximize profits with smaller US work forces; they export jobs and their capital investments. And they benefit from all kinds of tax loopholes protected by Republicans so that they pay very little if any US taxes.

A terrific new article by Jeff Reeves makes the case that unemployment will actually rise to over 10 percent, because of anticipated layoffs in the financial, technology, and aerospace and defense sectors. The data are compelling. All this despite high profits.

Apple is sitting on an amazing $76 BILLION in cash. Other than understanding that people are paying too much for their products, just imagine if they invested a big fraction of that on moving manufacturing of its products from foreign countries to the US. An enormous number of good jobs could be created here.

What were Republicans to do, especially as they used the current crisis surrounding the need to raise the national debt limit to seek huge cuts in federal spending affecting ordinary Americans and prevent higher taxes for the greedy rich and corporate forces?

What better way than to falsely claim and constantly presume that those that should be paying higher taxes are exactly the ones who create jobs and that they would not do so if hit by higher taxes. In truth, this is a bold lie. The richest Americans have been paying the lowest taxes in many decades and corporate profits have been enormous, and this reality has clearly had absolutely no positive impact on the unemployment and underemployment plaguing at least 30 million Americans and their family members.

Go back to the post-World War II era when the richest Americans paid very high taxes and you discover that jobs and fairly distributed wealth were created in abundance.

Neither wealth nor jobs trickle down from the Upper Class. Proper government policies are required to prevent criminally large fractions of the nation’s wealth going to the most greedy and selfish elites. Those NOT rich that support Republicans are very stupid; they have been brainwashed by the steady stream of Republican lies and propaganda that are used to serve the rich and corporate interests sustaining Republicans with much money. The return on their investment has proven more than adequate to justify their endless input of money to Republicans.

We probably will soon see President Obama cave in and giver Republicans much of what they want. There will be major cuts in federal programs that will place millions of Americans in even more precarious economic uncertainty and pain. And there will probably be far too little increases in taxes on the rich and corporations. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security may all be cut in ways that harm many people.

Lies are constantly being fed to the public. Will you be smart enough to see them for what they are? The more you face this ugly, disturbing reality, the more embarrassed you will be about the US political system and, hopefully, the more inclined you will be to stop voting for any Republicans or Democrats and participating in our delusional democracy.

Author retains copyright

by joseph Tuesday, Jul 26 2011, 2:27pm

the lawyer for blond, blue-eyed Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik today stated that his client is "insane" -- it's just too easy isn't it?

if the law is unable to convict the accused he could spend his days in a comfortable psychiatric institution somewhere in the country. it almost seems like its scripted.

the entire affair stinks, especially considering Norway's financial and sovereign independence and disapproval of NATO's illegal wars. It should also be remembered that it was a Norwegian Air Force pilot who first exposed the NATO/US plan to fragment Yugoslavia. the pilot blew the whistle on NATO/US supplying arms to Bosnian rebels in clear contravention of UN sanctions.

we shall see. the stench of an inside job will be detected as the story unfolds.

Lawyer playing Press Secretary!?

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