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A Solution
by dasha Sunday, Jul 24 2011, 1:50am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

How did we get into the mess we’re in today?

If we extricate ourselves from the distracting, lying, misrepresentations of the mass media propaganda apparatus for a moment the cause and SOLUTION stares us in the face.

The answer in a word is Deregulation!

The global economic collapse was largely the result of unethical, criminal Banksters, principally Goldman Sachs and other ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions, taking outrageous advantage of the removal of regulatory safeguards imposed after the great depression. Governments imposed regulations to curtail economic irresponsibility/vandalism and prevent criminal Banks, Financial institutions and large Corporations, from plunging nations into economic chaos/ruin AGAIN.

However, American memory is very short term, so beginning with Reagan and continuing today, the Financial and Corporate lobby went to work and laid siege on all western democratic nations until the most effective regulatory measures were removed. These conscious decisions by Corporatists and Bankers were CLEARLY NOT in the public or national interest, but served private minority interests. Therefore, CONSCIOUS decisions that clearly negatively impact/damage a nation and its people amount to ACTS of TREASON. Whether stateless actors (PRIVATE companies) or other external forces are behind these crimes is not an issue as the impact and illegality of the crimes committed are not diminished!

As is clearly evident today, Banking and Corporatist attacks on public regulatory safeguards resulted in global and national catastrophes, especially in Europe. The weak minded will no doubt wax lyrical about globalist financial conspiracies to enslave the world, which tend to neutralise REMEDIAL ACTION and social resistance; however, WE refer to no such distraction or theory, though some are coherent and have merit, but WHY? Simply because the most DIRECT and EFFECTIVE APPROACH becomes lost in the background static of conspiracy and ‘expert OPINION’ and as we all know theories and opinions do not amount to ACTIONS! Meanwhile while everybody is talking our standard of living decreases at an alarming rate.

As always all real solutions are simple; DIRECT REMEDIAL ACTION is required in the form of removing ALL minority-serving Puppet Governments and INSTALLING people's REPRESENTATIVES into office that champion the PUBLIC INTEREST! It REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE, an abundance of intelligent people with strong character, able to resist bribery and the corrupting influence of corporate/banking criminal cabals, exist in all our respective communities.

[Democratic] governments pursuing the PUBLIC AND NATIONAL INTEREST would RE-IMPOSE historically effective REGULATORY MEASURES on ALL delinquent and exploitative institutions, Banking and Corporate. Strong punitive disincentives would also be necessary like life jail terms for offending directors and CEOs and the nationalisation of any company found to be EXPLOITING the public and acting against the national interest.

Transnationals – formed principally to avoid local taxes -- could easily be dealt with in the form of large levies and huge licensing fees/TAXES to prevent them from raping/taking the bulk of a nation’s wealth/profits offshore. When companies were national profits by default flowed back into the local community, today nations see over 98% of their national wealth taken offshore by Transnationals – these ROGUE organisations clearly require harnessing.

Criminal, rapacious, tax avoiding, Transnationals are easily dealt with via REGULATION, as are ALL local Financial and Banking institutions. Furthermore, the establishment of REAL NATIONAL (public) BANKS and SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUNDS is imperative; national banks serve to break the insidious hold the (PRIVATELY OWNED) Reserve Banking System currently has on the Globe.

The solution is as easy as hanging puppet politicians, criminal CEOs and Banksters by the neck (little joke) -- we favour life imprisonment with VERY HARD LABOUR as punishments, to be LEGALLY dispensed by incorrupt People’s Courts! Western democracies are in dire need of a political 'spring cleaning!'

Never forget it is CORPORATE mass media mis/disinformation campaigns that instill fear, hesitation and social paralysis in the population – they would have you believe that the current status quo of permanent war, mass murder, destabilisation and gross INEQUALITY are preferable to the HISTORICALLY EFFECTIVE solutions outlined above.

Ignore the Religious Pitch at the End

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