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Global Financial Alert!
by stan Thursday, Jul 21 2011, 2:06am
international / social/political / commentary

With an OVERT policy of confiscation (theft) -- Libya’s sovereign wealth fund and other LARGE funds; economic blackmail in the form of choking financial flows (WikiLeaks) -- many nations and LARGE investors are REVIEWING their policy of placing funds or INVESTING with US/Western Financial and Banking Institutions. You could hardly blame them.

Clearly your money is no longer safe in FLOUNDERING Western economies. A quick review reveals that the strongest and safest banks exist in nations whose economies are booming or growing steadily such as China -- soon to become the world’s leading economy.

Furthermore, Chinese government banks would never confiscate the funds of any nation or large investor. Your money is clearly safer in the East.

The Economic Facts of today clearly speak for themselves.

No degree in economics is necessary to understand that investing in nations swimming in unserviceable DEBT is bad policy – Brazil, in a stunning reversal, is NOW a Creditor to the DEBT-strapped US!

It has also become evident that Wall St’s Bankers are criminals, or at the very least criminally negligent.

Nobody from LARGE to small, can afford to jeopardise their investments, retirement fund or savings.

[This alert was privately issued to member groups and other associates; however, the editorial group deemed it appropriate to issue it to the broader international community.]

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