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Long suspected now confirmed, Recent ‘Social Revolutions’ Orchestrated and Financed from Washington
by nano Tuesday, Jul 19 2011, 12:07am
international / social/political / commentary

For those who required proof or the means of discovering the Truth behind recent global Revolutions, the following video (linked) offers much material to verify what was suspected all along. The globalist agenda (PNAC) as pursued by minority elites (plutocrats) are behind what appear to be peoples’ movements!

However, the good news is all revolutions are highly unstable affairs and change course at a whim. The ‘Revolution’ belongs to the PEOPLE and to those who expose the TRUTH and allow the people to determine their OWN course. Social Freedom includes freedom from psychological manipulation.

All consultant-orchestrated and managed ‘Wal-Mart’ revolutions are a LIE from the start. Nothing solid and enduring can be built on LIES, MANIPULATION and DECEPTION.

Long live the PEOPLE and long live FREEDOM from oppression in ALL its forms.

A must see stunning video for all -- share around.

The methods outlined in the video and in Gene Sharp’s book (attached) are not new, every PR consultant and Madison Ave. Ad man is aware of these methods. In fact, ‘crowd control’ is as old as civilisation. Ancient Egypt first employed it in the form of theocratic divine Pharaoh worship. It was later refined in ancient Rome with the now famous ‘bread and circuses’ mass spectacle/entertainment of the Colosseum. Immunity from psychological manipulation is easily achieved through self-education and awareness of various social dynamics – watch, learn and NEVER take anything for granted or at face value AGAIN!

We are MANY -- We are ONE -- We are UNMOVED by BULLSHIT!

PDF Document From Dictatorship to Democracy - Gene Sharp

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