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Oz PM Gillard Delusions of Grandeur
by gan Sunday, Jul 17 2011, 11:14am
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What on earth does Gillard think she's doing planning to IMPOSE and unwanted, un-mandated Carbon TAX on Australia? After failing to convince the public with simplistic slogans, rhetoric and an astounding lack of real detail on how carbon emissions will be accurately measured etc., Gillard is now dipping into the public purse to pay for a $25 million Ad campaign in a last ditch effort to sell the unsellable! This latest attempt at a sell will no doubt earn her nothing but scorn and contempt, as many people view this extravagant decision as symptomatic of lunacy! The reality is PLAIN TO SEE -- AUSTRALIA DOESN'T WANT THIS TAX, Juliar!

Unrepresentative Oz PM, Juliar Gillard
Unrepresentative Oz PM, Juliar Gillard

It is clear -- scientific FACT -- that a population of 20 million has no effect on planetary climate one way or the other. In order for any real change to occur the world's LARGEST Carbon emitters, China, America and India MUST lead the world in reductions.

Gillard, whose sanity is now in question, is willing to crucify her nation and its people for absolutely no appreciable effect on climate! Australia should follow the World's biggest emitters WHEN THEY DECIDE TO ADOPT A WORKING CARBON REDUCTION SCHEME/MODEL -- and only then if it is approved/MANDATED by the Australian public. This is a DEMOCRACY not an AUTOCRACY, Gillard!

Furthermore, this latest tactic has been approved by her party! So there you have it, Labor is clearly a LOST CAUSE and the sooner they are voted out of any political contention the better. It's clearly time for a new vibrant PARTY to REPLACE Labor and become the REPRESENTATIVE voice of the MAJORITY of working Australians!

Gillard has either gone nuts or she is in the pay of special interest groups, or both. Regardless, the NATION can ill-afford the likes of unstable or corrupt politicians leading the NATION TO RUIN.

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