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Libya on Time Clock
by nano Sunday, Jul 17 2011, 12:15am
international / peace/war / commentary

After months of NATO bombing civilian targets, including the capital Tripoli, and numerous failed (illegal) assassination attempts on Col. Gaddafi, any semblance to a ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya has been ‘shot to ribbons’ or should we say (illegally) bombed to rubble and dust. The entire grab for Libya’s oil and resource wealth by Western terrorists has failed. The plan is in tatters as TIME was of the essence. The wily Gaddafi has far too much support from his people and other African nations to be easily eliminated like Balkan leaders of the past.

Col. Gaddafi
Col. Gaddafi

The Balkanisation of Libya has failed, including the recent Kosovo style recognition of the ‘Rebel Council’ as the ‘legitimate Libyan government’ -- which is viewed as a very desperate grab for a little credibility.

The Libyan majority clearly support Gaddafi and their sovereign nation. They are under no illusions as to what is at stake and the nature of the criminal forces that are attacking them – the Libyan MAJORITY are FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES!

One would think the West – excluding moron, BANKRUPT, America -- has learned that wars TODAY are not won militarily they are won by the people. They are won or lost in the consciousness of the masses; a fact Western terrorist leaders would do well to observe! However, in that critical ‘field of operation’ the West has CLEARLY FAILED – the TRUTH, as it EMERGES daily, is setting Libyans and the DISILLUSIONED masses of the world FREE – didn’t we know it would!

It is therefore with supreme satisfaction that we review our email to the NSA of six years past informing the criminal USA that we would bring down their EVIL EMPIRE (without a shot being fired). It is a matter of skill and using the opponent’s force/‘weight,’ INCOMPETENCE and stupidity to defeat him. In other words MORONS, you fought the WRONG WAR in the post modernist age and predictably LOST!

Soon populations World Wide will rise up and take back their respective nations, the rule of criminal elites is fast coming to an END – the TRUTH indeed has SET the PEOPLE FREE.

Don’t forget, dummies, with every criminal enterprise time is of the essence, ANY DELAY SPELLS D-O-O-M!

Gaddafi, fully cognisant of the above has issued over one million Kalashnikovs to his people so they are able to defend themselves from MASS MURDERING, Western Terrorists.

If the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation (NATO) fails to end this conflict very soon the ENTIRE WORLD will become aware of the criminal ruse perpetrated by the US, NATO and the UN.

The PRETEXT of a ‘humanitarian intervention’ will be seen as the FARCE it is. People EVERYWHERE suffering under corrupt and grossly unfair leadership will simply SNAP, rise up and eliminate the MINORITY criminal forces that have hijacked their democracies.

[‘You’ said it was a dream, hah! NOW you KNOW it’s YOUR nightmare – and don’t forget, there’s a light pole with YOUR name on it!]

Our trusty readership will no doubt excuse our little indulgence with a smile ;o)

We are MANY -- We are ONE -- We are UNSTOPPABLE!

[Disseminate widely.]

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