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The Oz Carbon Con Spelled Out
by snowy Saturday, Jul 16 2011, 12:29am
international / social/political / commentary

Fortunately Australian MORONS number only about 30% of the population according to the latest carbon poll, the reverse of the illiterate USA. So we address the following to the gullible, mindless THIRD swept away by simplistic American slogans and thin unconvincing explanations.

First let’s ASK who planned and designed this ETS/Tax – well lo and behold, a bunch of Stateless Transnationals, Energy/Power Companies and Goldman Sachs, the most evil, criminal Bank in the WORLD! For those with a ‘modern’ memory, Goldman Sachs’ delinquent, irresponsible and CRIMINAL actions were largely responsible for the GLOBAL economic collapse – 'good' credentials/qualifications, aren’t they? Now morons, VERIFY the above for YOURSELVES, it’s all out there but I’ll assist you with an informative video.

Local Carbon ‘expert,’ Ross Garnaut, stated in a report to the current government the FACT that INDUSTRY WOULD pass ALL and any additional COSTS of any carbon TAX or ETS scheme onto the public; Garnaut is also Gillard’s economic advisor on ‘climate’ BUT he has no climate credentials WHATSOEVER, he’s a professor of economics! Would you allow a plumber to diagnose and operate on you? It’s a monumental money scheme designed to fill the coffers of criminal Bankers with tradeable derivatives and notes while PENALISING a public that has NO CHOICE but to PAY and PAY an UNFAIR TAX!

The notion that emissions from industry can be accurately measured is ABSURD; industry will doubtless do what it's very good at, ‘cook the books’ and perpetrate massive frauds or mislead at the very least – we are all very familiar with PROFIT ONLY driven Corporations.

Has it occurred to anyone that carbon has been labelled “POLLUTION” by those attempting to SELL this unfair TAX? The fact is, LIFE on EARTH is Carbon based; Carbon is a naturally occurring substance and is DEFINITELY NOT pollution! TOXIC pollutants are produced by INDUSTRY, they are responsible for widespread health and environmental concerns as their chemical composition prevents them from readily breaking down in the environment like naturally occurring substances. Question, which industrial pollutant caused the HOLE in the OZONE LAYER? Another question just to keep you on your toes, which industry makes plastic? Make no mistake, carbon is natural and is definitely NOT pollution, period!

Be clear on the methods nefarious elites utilise to LIE and DECEIVE. Another linguistic example is how stock market commentators now refer to SELLING as ‘profit taking,’ when in FACT not everyone that sells makes a PROFIT, many make horrendous LOSSES! It’s a grand deception intentionally designed to MISLEAD or CON you, the public.

Now let’s ask EXPERTS the obvious question -- climatologists, meteorologists and astro-physicists. What is the principal driver of climate on the earth? They should ALL honestly inform you that it’s the S-U-N! Yes, the SUN is the major factor affecting climate on our planet; however, greenhouse emissions contribute to a minor extent.

I’m getting tired of explaining what should be OBVIOUS, so I’ll address the funding factor. Which group will bear the cost burden of changing to a PENALTY Carbon economy? As it stands, the plan offered by the government, which lends itself to massive industry FRAUD and massive future Banking profits, allows all costs to ‘trickle down’ to the public! At no stage/level does it alleviate the COST burden placed on the PUBLIC, however, it buffers industry with tax payer compensation and subsidies. Any talk of compensation to the public is an obvious con amounting to, I’ll take 100 and return 80, gee, I’m so generous!

Perhaps those parties, Goldman Sachs, Industry etc., so DESPERATE to implement this Carbon Crucifixion onto the PUBLIC should ALSO foot the bill – we know they can AFFORD it BUT in true criminal form they have designed a scheme whereby they take all the PROFITS and shift ALL the costs onto the public – what a fuckin’ tragic joke!

I hope the above helps enlighten the MORONIC one third of the Oz population -- not that we need you -- as for the aware MAJORITY; not only do we categorically REJECT the Carbon Con but we will make our ANGER (over being insultingly LIED to) KNOWN in every government election henceforth.


[For a wealth of additional info just type ‘Carbon Tax’ in the search box on this site.]

And the cherry on the cake is: ask the Carbon TAX merchants how much the global climate will be improved by Gillard's TAX crucifixion? Then ask who has PROFITED from this Tax? What a total C-O-N!


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Gillard to blow $A25 millon on Carbon Ad Campaign
by stan Sunday, Jul 17 2011, 5:00am

Here's another good reason to dump Gillard and her entire party.

Failing to convince anybody of anything with her dead fish personality -- what was Labor thinking? -- she is NOW resorting to wasting Millions in Tax Payer funds in a futile attempt at further DECEPTION.

Would someone kindly inform her that the public has made up its mind on the issue -- no ad campaign in history is able to sway 60% of a population that is dead against this TAX.

WASTING $25 Million in public funds on an extremely unpopular issue will earn her the thorough CONTEMPT of all the Australian people, especially those struggling to make ends meet.

This woman is a walking FIASCO! There should be a LAW against politicians wasting public money to pursue a minority agenda.

This ill-advised, ill-conceived, insane decision will no doubt backfire.

See link for details.

Sign and Symbol
by otis Saturday, Jul 16 2011, 10:30pm

Anyone that refers to carbon as pollution is being managed. All life on earth is carbon based. Ironically, Gillard is referring to HERSELF as POLLUTION!

Gillard unwittingly reveals the measure of her scientific knowledge. The Carbon TAX is more than a con, it's a deceptive criminal enterprise.

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