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Farmers call for end to CSIRO genetically modified wheat trials
by staff report via gan - Herald Sun Friday, Jul 15 2011, 11:25am
international / health related / other press

Greenpeace is joined by an Oz farmers group concerned over the threat that GM wheat presents to our multi-million dollar wheat industry. Farmers are demanding that government cease all trials of GM wheat in Australia.

If Canberra's boot-licking attitude to US Corporatists doesn't cease soon, especially since allowing the most dangerous and evil Corporation on the planet (Monsanto) to jeopardise our food sovereignty, then the entire parliament must be jettisoned in favour of representative Independents. Gillard is but the latest boot-licking yank lackey PM after Rudd and Washington servant, Howard.

Onya Greenpeace for taking action against a Canberra experimental GM wheat farm. Your efforts have been rewarded with support from many quarters -- killer seed Company Monsanto requires 'killing' themselves! Oz Food Sovereignty MUST be protected from killer-seeds Monsanto and other GM food Companies at all costs.


A farmers group has urged the federal government to put an end to CSIRO trials of genetically modified wheat.

The Network of Concerned Farmers today also called for an "independent analysis of the threat posed by GM wheat to our multi-billion dollar wheat exports".

The call comes a day after Greenpeace activists destroyed a trial GM wheat crop at the CSIRO experimental crop station in Canberra.

The CSIRO is carrying out a study of feeding ACT-grown GM wheat to rats and pigs and could extend the trial to humans.

The modified wheat has been altered to lower its glycaemic index in an attempt to see if the grain could have health benefits such as improving blood glucose levels and lowering cholesterol.

The Network of Concerned Farmers urged consumers to oppose the GM industry's push into Australia and "reject underhand deals favouring the GM industry".

"Australian farmers and consumers need to be very concerned about trials of GM wheat planned by CSIRO," Victorian farmer Bob Mackley said in a statement.

The GM industry's inability to avoid contamination of non-GM grain and crops had been widely demonstrated, he added.

The network said the Gillard government should put an end to open field trials of GM wheat.

Farmer protection legislation should also be introduced to stop traditional farmers being held liable for GM contamination of their crops, it added.

2011 Herald and Weekly Times

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