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Oz PM Gillard dutiful Errand Girl for Globalist Agenda
by ron Tuesday, Jul 12 2011, 12:54am
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Mainstream journos are struggling to understand Gillard’s seeming lack of concern over her current STATUS as the most UNPOPULAR PM in Australian history. Well, the revealing TRUTH is there to see with only a smidgeon of journalistic investigative technique – you lamers!

Firstly, it may assist if we assume the existence of an external Carbon agenda which Oz leaders seem to be following to the letter. Recall that Kevin Rudd faithfully ran -- to his latter detriment -- with the Goldman Sachs Carbon Con long before his then deputy Gillard, advised him to dump it!

After Rudd predictably took the fall for reversing his most identifiable policy, Gillard assumed leadership and promised AUSTRALIA that no government she led would impose a Carbon Tax – clear enough! Then, as we witness today, Gillard, with the blind fervour of a religious zealot, is now attempting to IMPOSE, without mandate, a CARBON TAX on the public. This is without doubt the CRUDEST policy reversal in Oz history, easily exceeding Rudd’s suicidal backflip! Whether articulated or not the population have dubbed her, Prime Minister ‘I-N-T-E-G-R-I-T-Y?’

Gillard’s manoeuvre will cost her party dearly, a future slaughter at the next election even exceeding Labor’s historic defeat in NSW is guaranteed. But as you will see that is a consequence her handlers care little about – they have stables of politicians at their disposal, isn’t that right, Mark Arbib?

However, before accurately identifying Gillard as the treasonous lackey she is, a little more background information on her is required.

As deputy leader, after her party deposed Howard and took office, Gillard’s first major (failed) policy attempt was to allow Corporate Bosses the legal privilege of accessing the PRIVATE emails and other digital communications of their employees – how’s that for revealing one’s TRUE Big Brother, Corporatist, COLOURS. Suck my Corporate dick, Juliar!

If the above information is not enough evidence to identify Gillard as a NON-REPRESENTATIVE politician but rather a Corporate puppet/facilitator I would like to know what is? And lo and behold, I have it!

In another quietly undertaken but outrageous political manoeuvre, Gillard, while in Washington gushing to her American overlords, signed off on FIVE (5) NEW FULL SCALE US MILITARY BASES of occupation making Australia a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET in the event of a conflict with OUR Asian neighbours! What more does blind Freddy need to identify this treasonous, UNREPRESENTATIVE bitch as the bought political whore she really is – I ASK YOU!

YET in view of all the damning evidence, mainstream Oz journos are unable to connect the blazing dots – pathetic!

One aspect of the Federal Reserve Banking agenda Gillard follows to a tee, is to impose an undemocratic, un-mandated, penalty Carbon Tax on the nation, which elites hope will lead to a PENALTY Carbon Global Economy using Australia as the example. Elite Bankers and Corporatists would thereby continue to prosper while the public is crushed with evermore debt and unnecessary Tax burdens. Whether puppet politicians and (proven criminal) Financial/Corporatist elites are able to get away with THIS SCHEME before they are hanged in the streets is anyone’s guess; BUT identifying the true stripes of Juliar Gillard presents no challenge whatsoever!

The sooner REAL INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVES are elected to Oz Parliament the sooner rapacious Transnationals and Bankers would be prohibited from EXPLOITING the nation and its people.

RESTORE Australia, restore REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY and hold ALL treasonous politicians – PAST AND PRESENT -- to ACCOUNT!

WE are ONE – We are MANY – and we have had ENOUGH!

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