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Juliar Gillard, most unpopular PM is Oz history
by gazza Monday, Jul 11 2011, 11:57am
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The most UNREPRESENTATIVE politician is naturally the most UNPOPULAR and Australia’s Julia Gillard is a good case in point. A poll conducted over the weekend indicates that Gillard and her party have hit record lows in popularity; if an election were called tomorrow Gillard’s Labor government would find itself in the political wilderness. Oz would then face the prospect of another unpopular politician as PM – a Jesuit trained combative attack dog, in the form of opposition leader, Tony ‘vacuum-head’ Abbott. The fact that Aussies also dislike Abbott HIGHLIGHTS the profound contempt they have for LYING, UNREPRESENTATIVE, Gillard!

Abbott and Gillard face off over Carbon Con
Abbott and Gillard face off over Carbon Con

It seems Australians, unlike Americans, do not take kindly to politicians LYING in their faces about important issues that impact heavily on their standard of living, especially when no appreciable positive benefit results.

Gillard vowed before her re-election that she would NOT introduce a Carbon Tax if she gained office; then, as if to insult every person in the country that voted for her, the LYING BITCH reneged on her promise and is now attempting to IMPOSE a Carbon Tax on all Oz citizens – little wonder her approval ratings are lower than a snake’s belly!

But really, where do Oz politicians get the idea (America) they can flagrantly LIE to the public and suffer no consequences? Well, this ain’t America, JuLIAR, and you are about to pay the price for shitting in the Oz public’s face.

It seems Australians, unlike their very distant illiterate American cousins, have not forgotten that elected politicians are meant to serve the ELECTORATE, not Bankers or minority interests. Perhaps Gillard should refresh her memory with dictionary definitions of two important words, DEMOCRACY and MANDATE! Alternatively she could continue on her present suicidal course and completely destroy any chance her Party would have of seeing office for the next 50 years or more – personally, I hope she does. A destroyed peoples’ party would allow for a NEW, vibrant REPRESENTATIVE political party or a flood of independents, to fill the void.

So, keep LYING Julia and continue barking Tony -- leave this nation screaming for good, representative, government.

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