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It’s NOT news, Murdoch is a KNOWN scumbag
by baz Sunday, Jul 10 2011, 12:34am
international / mass media / commentary

Phone Hacking Scandal in Perspective

The greatest fear of News Corp chief Rupert ‘numbers’ Murdoch, is loss of credibility which reduces his ability to sway public opinion and therefore his ability to exercise influence over politicians/the State and pursue his personal agenda. In order for News Corp to survive it must remain viable in the above implied sense, Murdoch and his family business must ensure high levels of reader/viewership in other words!

Rupert 'sordid' Murdoch
Rupert 'sordid' Murdoch

So why are people shocked at the latest sordid revelations that his ‘rags’ employ any filthy tactic to dredge up the most salacious, sensationalist, crap they can get their grubby hands on?

There is NOTHING new in Murdoch’s tactics, which he developed first in Australia. Headlines like woman fucks Martian and has baby with seven heads and three dicks, etc., were characteristic of his rags. However, Murdoch’s media group has since graduated to act as a State propaganda apparatus for elitist Corporate and Banking interests; Murdoch now sells illegal Imperialist wars, with an abundance of mis/disinformation. The man will use anything legal or otherwise to accomplish his and the CFR's sordid, criminal goals!

Murdoch cares nothing for minor details he is a ‘numbers man’ and acts accordingly.

After witnessing supine, pathological narcissist, former PM of Oz, Kevin Rudd applying for that job with Murdoch over lunch in New York and then watching Rudd doing personal errands for Murdoch while in that position, such as attempting (unsuccessfully) to establish a ‘NATO of South Pacific’ -- a Murdoch megalo dream -- and establish an ETS for Goldman Sachs and other Banking/Financial interests at No-hopen-Hagen, the SOLUTION should be CLEAR. Media magnates are NOT qualified to run nations or influence those that do!

So get over it; if you are outraged by this unscrupulous man and his media group the most effective thing you can do, which hurts him big time, is boycott his media entirely – that is his biggest worry, worst nightmare and Achilles heel – TOO EASY!

Cease subscribing completely, i.e., stop reading or viewing any of his company’s sordid and misleading productions/publications – that simple.

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