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Ruling Criminal Elites COMPLETELY Divorced From Reality
by bluey Thursday, Jul 7 2011, 5:46am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

Anyone with a functional brain to bless themselves with SEES clearly the reality we live in today. Daily WAR CRIMES committed by the US and NATO in Central Asia and Libya under the noses of the Hague Courts and Ban ‘kneepads’ Moon of the UN! Killing civilians whether it is reported accurately on the Corporate media or not continues to be a WAR CRIME. ‘Insurgents’ in the form of children collecting firewood or wedding parties, or traditional tribal meetings or extended family gatherings with women and children of all ages seem to be favourite targets of criminal America and its servile allies – BUT WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO KID labelling these groups “insurgents?” The world woke up after the outrages committed by the Bush regime, to quote then Secretary of Defence, Rumsfeld, “we know Saddam has weapons of mass destruction because he just has!” Cheney and Blair were worse, even that grotesque little flea, Oz PM, John Howard, stuttered similar LIES.


Their highly paid consultants have forgotten to inform the elites that almost all the MAJOR DECEPTIONS and LIES of the past decade HAVE BEEN EXPOSED, the public domain is awash with accurate historical information today – the elites are living in their own private dream world; but not for long judging by the current rate of unrest and social opposition!

Politicians were once able to assess the mood of the public and exploit it, now they have no idea what the public is thinking, they just follow suicidal scripts written for them by lunatics!

For example, disgustingly servile to the elites, Oz PM, Juliar Gillard, after making a pre-election promise not to introduce a Carbon Tax now constantly PARROTS from the SCRIPT, “we believe that climate change is real [of course it is] and that carbon is the cause [NO, it’s the effect] and the best way to control climate change is to place a [Goldman Sachs contrived price on Carbon and introduce a PENALTY economy for the masses while ensuring that Bankers and Corporatists are able to exploit the system with subsidies, trades and derivatives.”] Those that haven’t woken to the Carbon Con soon will, as it is fact that Carbon Trading has not affected climate one IOTA; however, it has accrued hundreds of millions for Banksters in the form of carbon credits!

Where did politicians today get the idea they could BLATANTLY LIE to the public before an election, gain office and then ABOUT FACE on all their promises and hope to GET AWAY with it? Well, the screaming global population would like to inform corrupt politicians they CANNOT.

Issuing warrants for the arrest of leaders the US wishes to depose while allowing Bush, Blair, and Howard to remain free is a very bad joke played on the public – aren’t politicians supposed to excel in assessing the public consciousness, if so, assess it NOW?

Perhaps puppet politicians would also care to inform their handlers that the world is spiralling out of control primarily due to the elite’s policies, PNAC, primarily!

I have yet to encounter any culture that tolerates invasion, the plunder of its resource wealth and the wholesale murder and rape of its citizens -- which ‘manual’ are you maniacs reading from?

Do the elites imagine the global population is unaware of hiking food/energy prices and their depressed wages while FAILED BANKERS and other Corporate CEOs shower themselves in million dollar bonuses and salary packets at the taxpayers expense – is this the modern equivalent of the Marie Antoinette ‘let them eat cake’ insular syndrome or just a pathological flight into fantasy -- the criminal ruling elites have clearly ‘lost it!’

We have Obama, a former lecturer in Law, surprised that the Global population is making a “fuss” over US war crimes and illegal PLUNDER – it’s time to take a REALITY PILL Mr ‘lost it’ President, the lynch mobs are almost at your door!

Take the Corporate media, run by geriatrics; they insist upon issuing pure TRANSPARENT fiction, propaganda and distorted ‘news’ stories to a PUBLIC that has WOKEN to all their tricks years past – the result of the thoroughly EXPOSED Bush and Blair regimes!

The masses ARE ON MOVE NOW, morons – almost the entire Middle East, North Africa and some European nations are screaming blue murder against the criminal ruling elites that steal everything and leave only crumbs and AUSTERITY for the masses.

How do Hague puppet Courts and the UN hope to survive US/NATO war crimes committed daily while pursuing minor leaders with far less blood on their hands – America remains the world’s LEADING civilian killing nation, with millions of innocent souls lost to insatiable Corporate greed and avarice!

But rest easy Bankers and Corporatists, you’re safe, I was only joking, no one has noticed anything untoward, not even me!

[That’s not really a noose around your neck or a light pole above, it’s just a bad reality.]

Zbigniew Brzezinski describes the Criminal Elite and the consequences of social inequality and huge wealth disparities


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    Above The Law U.S. Globalizes Criminal Drone Warfare     Rick Rozoff via stan     Thu, Jul 7 2011, 11:12am 

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