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Oz Court Ruling: the price of a murdered Aboriginal life, $285,000!
by zayn Thursday, Jul 7 2011, 2:35am
international / human rights / commentary

It is no secret that Australia is one of the world’s most racist nations; former PM John Howard won elections appealing to the Anglo racist population (now in the minority I would add). However, the two states that lead the nation in this disgraceful myopic world view are Western Australia and Queensland.


A WA court recently issued a fine -- though a manslaughter trial was warranted -- for the monstrous torture and murder of aboriginal elder, Mr Ward. Respected Aboriginal Elder, Mr Ward was being transported hundreds of kilometres for a court hearing in scorching desert heat in the back of a tiny, clearly unsuitable, van with failed/faulty air-conditioning. The van was owned, ‘maintained’ and operated by a PRIVATE Security Company!

The coroner found scorch and burn marks on the body of Mr Ward, sustained from the scorching metal body panels of the van, absolutely disgraceful! Mr Ward, clearly suffered horrendous torment, TORTURE and death at the hands of a racist State authority that could not be bothered to check on the condition of their passenger over a long desert journey – imagine the cries for HELP and the pounding on the van’s panels before Mr Ward lost consciousness and DIED.

No manslaughter trial or jail sentences were imposed for this horrific crime, only an OFFICIAL price was placed on an indigenous man’s life.

Clearly a corruption inquiry is NOW warranted; this INJUSTICE MUST BE ADDRESSED immediately if Oz’s international reputation is not to suffer irreparable damage. And to think, the nation is currently in an uproar over the ‘inhumane’ treatment of exported CATTLE to Indonesia, this nation clearly has grave problems regarding its values and priorities!

Earlier a Queensland police officer was exonerated for murdering a black man in custody. The victim had suffered horrendous internal injuries, including a severed liver (guess!) The excuse offered a QLD Court was the policeman “fell on him” during a scuffle -- sure he did!

It seems the lives of cattle and lower animals have a higher status than Aboriginals in this God forsaken, RACIST NATION – the FACTS speak for themselves, unfortunately.

Meanwhile the current PM, Juliar Gillard, is too busy trying to sell an un-mandated Carbon Tax to a reluctant public to notice the GROSS INJUSTICES occurring under her NOSE!

The LEGAL outcomes in QLD and WA are clearly retrogressive 19th century outcomes. We suggest a little less political uproar over cattle and more concern for HUMAN LIFE, Ms Gillard.

What a thorough travesty and disgraceful exhibition of parochialism and cultural backwardness, Australia!

[Link or repost this story far and wide -- what a total disgrace!]

Oz PM, Juliar Gillard
Oz PM, Juliar Gillard

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