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Authorities Conduct Psywar on Cyber Warriors
by pizs - TeamKISS, my arse! Wednesday, Jul 6 2011, 12:31pm
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In the wake of recent devastating attacks on major corporations and government institutions the 'man' has gone on the offensive. The corporate media is ‘flooded ‘ with mis/disinformation relating to high profile hacktivist groups of late – I have it on good authority from my pet budgie hacker extraordinaire that very little if any of it is accurate. The channels are also ‘flooded’ (wrong term perhaps - lol) with even more bullshit, as government agents attempt to flush out elusive digital warriors.

FBI and other regulatory anuses in the employ of criminal, genital fondling governments are terrorising timid, amateur kiddies hoping to catch more skilled operators – not a hope in hell – agents are as transparent as they are incompetent. The ‘psywar’ extends to facile 'divide and conquer' methods -- attempts to pit one crew against another are as obvious as they are ineffective. Elite crewz, wolves and undetectable Uber hackers remain beyond the reach of morons, amateurs and fifth rate government ‘hackers!’

The underground hacker Community remains United regarding its major objectives and principal opponents, i.e., criminal Corporatists, Banksters and their bought Puppet Politicians. For those proficient in semiotic analysis and deconstruction the mainstream response to date reveals one thing above all else, the ‘man’ is on the run!

Clearly the only effective challenge to the criminal power elites today, are skilled hackers, digital warriors and various cyber crewz. The public humiliation suffered by the CIA, FBI and other hacked agencies runs second only to that of the most prestigious computer and IT Security companies – they have ALL been made to look like the monkeys THEY ARE – their arrogance has been deflated as the WORLD WITNESSES how ineffective they are against the elite hacker underground.

All manner of propaganda, bullshit and fabricated reporting – like one crew exposing another etc– is being disseminated by the ‘man’ in the vain hope that it will deter and/or reduce attacks on high profile Corps and Governments – not a fuckin’ chance!

The first lesson of any warfare is, when the enemy is taking a battering REMAIN on the OFFENSIVE until he sustains a lethal wound or breaks under the barrage.

For any attack strategy to be devastatingly effective it must be less detectable than those being utilised by the man at present. The tired and worn OLD WORLD methods utilised by the ossified criminal cabals in their PSYWAR campaign against the most elusive, invisible for the most part, enemy are essentially ineffective but don’t take my word for it, just watch your servers ‘die in the arse!’

Some things, certain people never understand, like ya just can’t buy and corrupt everything with money or intimidate or coerce with threats – I mean LOOK, my budgie (parakeet) is quivering on its perch - lol!

The ‘man’ is FACED with the extremely uncomfortable REALITY that his highly COMPROMISING DATA is no longer secure – don’t it just break your criminal hearts?

This game is won by the most skilled and proficient, not the most murderous or violent! We’ll see all ruling elites in jail, after due process in PEOPLE’S courts -- that’s a promise. In the meantime do your lame best, you fifth rate dunces.

We are Many – WE are ONE – We ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

[Salutations to ‘ferrite’ -- Uber 1 – still without peer today.]

Global COMMUNITY on the MOVE!

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