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Defeating DNS Layer Censorship/Filtering in Oz
by nat Tuesday, Jul 5 2011, 9:24am
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For those who oppose all forms of government Censorship, paternalism and (Carbon) deception, we offer a simple solution, VOTE them out of office!

In the meantime we offer the following advice on bypassing DNS layer Internet censorship.

Major Oz Telcos and ISPs apparently agreed to a censorship deal with the Stasi/Labor Government in 2010, which amounted to a 'voluntary,' low impact, DNS based Internet filtering system for carriers.

Regardless of any deals done between Corporates and the LYING, UNREPRESENTATIVE Labor Party, Aussies prefer to make their own choices and decisions!

Most Aussies disapprove of any policy that would rob them of their right to make their own decisions regarding what they choose to view, read or research on the Internet. Adults find it disturbing that 'elected' governments would attempt any PATERNALISTIC approach to the free flow of information, especially ANY approach that has not been MANDATED by the Public.

Juliar Gillard's choice to be a faithful lackey to the Corporates and Carbon Bankers in NOT the popular choice nor does it reflect the Aussie character of independence and self-determination -- in other words, Juliar, you can shove your Censorship and Carbon Tax up your aircraft carrier, arse!

Bypassing DNS based Filtering/Censorship in Oz

Free Public DNS Servers List:

=> Service provider: Google
Google public dns server IP address:

=> Service provider:Dnsadvantage
Dnsadvantage free dns server list:

=> Service provider:OpenDNS
OpenDNS free dns server list / IP address:

=> Service provider:Norton
Norton free dns server list / IP address:

=> Service provider: Verizon
Public DNS server IP addresses:

=> Service provider: ScrubIt
Public dns server address:

How do I change or setup the DNS service for my Operating System?

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