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Every LIE reveals the TRUTH it attempts to Hide
by nano Friday, Jul 1 2011, 6:03am
international / social/political / commentary

Take for example Obama’s latest strategy on counter-terrorism – first let’s put an end to the myth that puppets placed in office make any decisions independent of the REAL ruling cabals ie, Wall St. Bankers, Weapons manufacturers and Corporatists in general; these entities purchased our Democracies decades past and dictate all policy today.

As reported by the LA Times, puppet Obama, has expressed views/policies scripted for him (and Bush, previously) by the Corporatist elite, these policies are expressly designed to ‘feed the machine’ ie, to allow the many Banking/Financial and Corporate institutions to turn a PROFIT, their primary purpose or their raison d'être.

Sounds innocuous enough doesn’t it? Not so, today’s corporations directly or indirectly engage in pure evil, in the form of infanticide, mass murder, grand theft, horrendous destruction, social destabilisation and long term pollution, all of which threaten to destroy our lives and the planet. The culpable say they are merely making profits for their investors but the reality is CEOs and directors take tens of millions personally in the form of wages and bonuses while average investors take the crumbs off the table. [Another group exists that takes billions/trillions from the collective pie but that group of vile parasites requires a dedicated paper.] Nor do I wish to confuse the issue at this stage.

So let’s employ the KISS principle and keep it simple. First it may be useful to analyse what profit is. If everyone in the chain of production was paid for their labour and/or resource input FAIRLY, no excess or PROFIT would exist so how is profit created -- by stealth and DECEPTION of course? Clever thieves devalue the labour or resource of contributors to create, by stealth, fraud and THEFT, what is termed PROFIT! In other words PROFIT is THEFT or another word for expressing theft!

Think about it, if fair and equal payment/distribution occurred; if everyone was paid their due, there would be no excess whatsoever. To create excess it must be TAKEN from somewhere, as something cannot be created from nothing. Today it is taken/STOLEN from the entire production ‘line;’ from the point of resource extraction through labour (specialised or otherwise) to finished ‘product.’ EVERYONE is robbed except elite directors/owners/managers that usually shower themselves in ill-gotten millions or more. Furthermore, those who purchase the items of production are robbed again at the point of sale with price inflation, loadings/taxes and/or currency devaluation – a most sinister trick is played on the divided many by the co-operating few.

If robbery is not reason enough for you to load your rifle and grab your rope then the following irrefutable proof of culpability should be!

To ensure the continuation and MAXIMISATION of CORPORATE PROFITS this monstrous ‘machine’ must expand and be fed constantly; it cannot withstand stasis, it begins to unravel immediately and soon collapses if the process ceases for any length of time. So to ensure the continuation of PROFIT, corporations must EXPAND. To do so requires the assistance of State institutions that specialise in 'maintenance,' ie, the military and corrupt government. The military act as adjuncts to Corporatist expansion beyond national borders and corrupt government via the legislative process allows Corporatists to commit the most heinous crimes with minimal consequences or impunity. Today the order of things has changed; the ‘State’ military, for example, now serves PRIVATE Corporations whereas once it served the State.

Weaker nations are invaded, occupied and raped of their resource wealth -- MILLIONS of INNOCENT men, women and CHILDREN are callously slaughtered in the process, ALL in the maniacal name of PROFIT.

If governments do not willingly hand over their national wealth to Transnational Corporations, as Australia does – FIVE new full-scale US military bases of occupation -- then fictitious reasons to invade, WMD, humanitarian ‘crisis’ etc, are fabricated in order to ensure Corporate expansion and the continuation of PROFIT generation.

A civilian holocaust occurred in Iraq – over one million deaths and four million displaced persons after the US invaded, installed a puppet regime and appropriated the nation’s oil reserves -- to hell with the population or anything else that doesn’t turn a profit!

Countless illegal territorial ‘acquisitions’ have also been made, from Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya to Australia and no one accepts responsibility for the innocent deaths, pollution, plunder and destruction that characterise Corporatist rule. All negative connotations are carefully cleansed from factual reports by the Corporate mass media in order to perpetuate the LIES and maintain the support of the local population.

The next time anyone mentions PROFIT view it in today’s context of THEFT, MURDER and wholesale RAPE and DESTRUCTION.

I leave you to read between the lines of the LA Times article, the attached PDF and consider what a rather dopey but somewhat truthful former CIA asset (lackey) has to say about Gaddafi, al-Qaeda and the Libyan invasion.

You may also like to consider the fact you are being fucked up the arse and that Corporatists view you contemptuously as an expendable resource!

Do not forget that UAV Drones kill countless civilians almost daily, there is nothing "surgical" about their strikes, though they do offer clear grounds for war crimes trials.

[Link, share and disseminate this article if you oppose mass murdering, CRIMINAL Banksters, Corporatists and CORRUPT GOVERNMENT.]

PDF Document Official counter-terrorism strategy

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