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Message to Washington from Oz!
by stan Wednesday, Jun 29 2011, 1:15am
international / social/political / commentary

Do you like the performance of your latest Oz political lackey, Juliar Gillard, are you impressed with her incompetence? Reviled by the people almost as much as America and its new torturing CIA chief, David ‘enhanced euphemisms are not torture’ Patraeus; she’s following the script like one of your own.

Do you think you did well ordering puppet Gillard to sign off on FIVE new full scale A-m-e-r-i-c-a-n military bases? You may be in for a surprise, her signature is one thing but REALITY is another, just try and build them; there will be American blood in the streets, of that you can be assured.

Aussies do not take kindly to military occupation no mater how pretty the ‘gift wrapping’ -- we do not subscribe to your lunatic ideology, criminal ways and nightmare vision of permanent war, constant destabilisation, mass murder and indiscriminate destruction. If you wish to pursue your insane dream of global domination, then go it alone; the pathology and consequences are ALL YOURS!

[CFR] Murdoch’s man Rudd, was clearly hopeless, he couldn’t sell a meat pie to a dinky dye Aussie, but Gillard is far worse; she attempts to disguise her servility to Washington and Wall St Bankers with simplistic A-m-e-r-i-c-a-n rhetoric that average educated Aussies are easily able to detect – gift wrapped shit is still shit, mate!

You know she’s finished politically but she is obliged to pursue your sick plan to the end. We’ll be sorry to see her go, she has done more to turn average Aussies against America/Wall St and the Transnational Companies raping our natural wealth than patriots could have done in years; the people will not be impressed to learn that bought Canberra politicians have sold the nation from under their feet – there will be hell to pay, be assured of that!

Deceiving the public has a use by date and it has passed. What do you imagine the political reaction of average Aussies will be when they have it spelled out in OUR PARLIAMENT and learn that OVER 80% of companies raping the resource wealth of our nation and destroying critical food-producing farmland in the process – are FOREIGN OWNED and that profits are never seen by Australians? Everyone is aware that a nation’s ability to feed itself is more important than FOREIGN OWNED companies ‘fracking’ and mining easily accessed coal deposits for profit! We will not be subjected to economic food blackmail or manipulation by foreign Transnationals.

Arrogance has led corporate CEOs and directors to believe they could deceive and conquer the Oz population as easily as they have done in undereducated third world nations – give it your best shot before we hang you from the windows of your corporate offices.

I refer you to Europe where patriots and nationalists are restoring national sovereignty – they have tired of simplistic, globalist rhetoric and their transparent LYING puppet politicians.

If you are looking for DEMOCRACY you’ll find it re-emerging in its country of origin, Greece. Europeans have rediscovered that DEMOCRACY is NOT a passive spectator sport; it is an ongoing PARTICIPATORY process of MAJORITY RULE -- not confined to narrow and intermittent elections!

When elected governments lose popular support or go against the wishes of the MAJORITY the people are obliged to exercise their democratic prerogatives and remove all unrepresentative governments and politicians from office – that simple!

In a sense we welcome your inept attempts at forging a New World Order -- what a laugh, so far this ‘order’ has been characterised by militarism, mass murder, destabilisation, mayhem and massive destruction – please continue to turn the FREE WORLD against you with your brazen LIES, continuing WAR CRIMES, ‘legalised’ TORTURE and MASSIVE FRAUDS. A noose awaits each and every criminal one of you.

In the end justice is always served and criminal minority elites are always eradicated before the rot sets in again; it’s just the way it is. We’ve been fighting you since the dawn of time and will continue till the end of time, so go for it, do your damndest best, we have always had your measure!

OUR nation/world will not be surrendered to profit-only motivated criminal corporatist elites.

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