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Oz PM Gillard’s Horse’s Arse Carbon Logic
by dasha Sunday, Jun 26 2011, 11:06am
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Facing ever increasing opposition to the Goldman Sachs designed penalty Carbon Tax, dutiful Corporate lackey, 'Juliar' Gillard – the same as attempted to allow Corporate bosses the right to spy on the personal emails and other private communications of workers – is now attempting to sell her dead donkey tax with a HUGE DECEPTION!

Juliar Gillard
Juliar Gillard

Facing a surging backlash from the voting public, Gillard has now ‘promised’ (and we all know what her promises are worth!) to compensate 90% of Oz households for the extra cost they would incur under the proposed tax. “I want to tackle climate change by putting a price on carbon pollution that big polluters will pay and then use that money to assist Australian families,” Gillard said yesterday.

What a load of rhetorical crap! Even her high priest of Carbon, economist Ross Garnaut, is ON RECORD as stating that industry, ie ‘BIG POLLUTERS,’ would pass any EXTRA COSTS onto the public! Garnaut made it clear that the public would end up bearing most of the cost burden of this outrageous tax/con!

Hopefully the opposition will hang Gillard’s deceptive imbecile logic ‘up to dry’ in Parliament and expose Australia’s most unpopular prime minister as the reprehensible LIAR, deceiver and Corporate lackey that she is!

It was difficult to imagine any leader more servile or worse than Howard, then ‘do nothing, no vision,’ Kevin Rudd,’ came along. It was inconceivable that anyone could be worse than Rudd but then Gillard came along and staggered belief.

Australian leadership is undoubtedly at its lowest ebb in the history of the nation. While in Washington Gillard signed off on FIVE full scale US military bases of occupation that make Oz a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET in the event of a major conflict involving the world’s most militarily aggressive nation, America, with non-invasive superpowers, Russia and China.

Australia needs Gillard like it needs leprosy!

Boycott the two major parties and Vote for REAL Independents in ALL elections, State and Federal – RESTORE representative DEMOCRACY and return the nation to the people before it’s too late!

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