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"Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind" -- George Orwell
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It’s hard, soul-destroying work slaving for minority Ruling Elites
by zed Saturday, Jun 25 2011, 1:29am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

Have you noticed? Obama looks like shit lately, rapidly greying hair, at his relatively youthful age; eyes sinking into the back of his blackened eye-sockets, generally burnt-out appearance, etc – the self-assured arrogance of being THEIR ‘chosen one,’ is GONE – we could have told him so!

What is beginning to dawn on our young, servile, black, slave President is that he is worth more assassinated than he is servile, but he knew the rules of the game when he sold his soul to the most evil, murderous forces that exist today – a religionist could describe them easily as Satanic. But intelligent law lecturer Obama knew all along, well, at least he thought he did.

Like all the legends, fables and fiction, the price of selling your soul is much higher than imagined, judging by his deteriorating demeanour Obama has woken to the FACT!

But he is stuck with them, damned if he does incur the wrath of the free world by continuing with the insane ‘scripted’ policies of the military-corporate complex, which are clearly leading the US to ruination; and damned if he doesn’t or attempts to govern humanely and rationally in the best interests of the nation; a guaranteed recipe for assassination or worse – they could go for maximum ‘shock and awe’ by taking out his entre family!

Dwell on these very real prospects the next time you order a Drone strike that slaughters countless INNOCENT men, women and children [so Corporations can ‘prosper.’]

Perhaps a philo/theological belief may help. The Eastern concept of KARMA which is REALITY to half the population of the world or its mirror image in the West, ‘reaping what you sow,’ or ‘what goes around comes around;’ I guess it’s a universal belief after all; maybe it really is true; reason enough to grey the hair and sink the eyes, you poor murdering, pathetic, chump, Mr Obama. We need not repeat, ‘we could have told so,’ again, or should we?

The Empire is FAILING, of that reality be assured; Obama is presiding over a tragic play that’s ends like a typically sensationalist American movie where everyone kills everyone and no cowboy is left riding into the irradiated, polluted sunset.

The free people of the world are acutely AWARE the USA is the leading civilian killing, terrorist nation by a country mile – how could they possibly miss that grotesque reality? All attempts to shift the terrorist badge of dishonour onto Hollywood created short video clips, phantom bodies buried in a sea of gullibility and ignorance SIMPLY FAIL to convince a very aware public today.

Perhaps you could enlighten your handlers of that fact, but it would be to no avail as they are bereft of solutions and remain welded to that nightmare script (PNAC) you are forced to follow; one that ensures the demise of the USA and all minority ruling elites everywhere!

I could easily write your future on a postage stamp, Mr Obama, but I cannot save your soul – they OWN you and everything related to you, COMPLETELY!

If you've ever played 500 or euchre, the FREE WORLD is, 'all but!'

WE are ONE!



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second choice
by piers Saturday, Jun 25 2011, 11:01am

if you recall, Colin Powell was first choice for the black presidency, Obama ran a very poor second.

Powell (and his wife) rejected the offer for very valid reasons, not least of which was the real possibility of assassination attempts. However, I think Powell was aware of the constraints involved in the job and the power certain external interests exercised on the presidency, all of which tipped the balance to rejection for Powell.

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