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'Superpower' USA Forced to its Knees by Taliban
by gan Sunday, Jun 19 2011, 9:00pm
international / peace/war / commentary

Yes, it's now confirmed after puppet Afghan president Karzai, spilled the beans; America, the world's leading 'superpower' (my arse) has been brought to its knees by a bunch of rag-tag fighters in Afghanistan -- the same as prevailed against Alexander the Great, the British Empire and the 'FORMER' Soviet Union (LOL) how very sweet it is!


The USA committed thousands of cowardly civilian killing Drone war crimes in its FRANTIC efforts to eliminate the ghostly FREEDOM FIGHTERS of Afghanistan; however, it only succeeded in achieving criminal Terrorist State status for future war crimes trials.

The nation that lives on DELUSION, metaphor, denial, and FEAR has been forced to take a REALITY PILL! I hope the MURDERING, CRIMINAL BASTARDS choke on it!

A lesson for all the DIGITAL WARRIORS -- keep up the good work and maintain maximum pressure until the dreamboats tailspin into the hell they have created for themselves. They are hanging on an economic and ideological thread -- the American DREAM is morphing into nightmare.

Victory against the WORLD'S LEADING CIVILIAN KILLING NATION is inevitable! Might never prevails against RIGHT.

We are ONE.

[My message to Obama is, read a good history book, you faggot!]

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