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Equal Opportunity alive and well in NSW Police
by staff report via stele - Courier Mail QLD Friday, Jun 17 2011, 3:19am
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Off-duty Female police officer caught urinating on Landmark War Memorial

Not to be outdone by the yobbo blokes, a female pig has been arrested after openly pissing on Central Sydney’s Hyde Park War Memorial – well, when you’re blind drunk and ya gotta go, ya just gotta go, so why not make an anti-war statement in the process?

Regardless of her very predictable defence, Hyde Park abounds in trees located away from the busy pedestrian walkway around the War Memorial and the gaze of private security guards. Silly little drunken piglet!


Report from the Courier Mail follows:

Off-duty female police officer caught urinating on Sydney war memorial

AN off-duty female officer will face court in August after committing an offensive act on the War Memorial.

The officer was observed by a security guard to urinate on the War Memorial in Hyde Park South at about 11pm last night, a statement from Police Media said..

The constable, attached to a Central Metropolitan Region command, will be served with a future court attendance notice regarding the offence of “commit offensive act on a War Memorial.”

She will appear in Downing Centre Local Court [with a stress-related psychiatric report] on August 5 2011

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