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The Phantasm of Opposition in Today’s World
by Al Saturday, Jun 11 2011, 2:10am
international / social equality/unity / opinion/analysis

First, allow me to qualify the title for those who stubbornly refuse to believe or acknowledge the existence of an elitist, Financial/Corporatist, globalist agenda.

THREE independent NUCLEAR superpowers exist in the world today. We know the combined force of any two could easily OBLITERATE the third; I refer of course to Russia, China and America. Now, recall the Sino-Russian military alliance designed as a political and military counter-balance to the perceived strength of the USA. Indeed, the combined strength of Russia and China easily exceeds that of America alone, though with the addition of Western European nuclear powers the balance becomes almost equal again, though the Sino-Russian pact remains the stronger.

Traditionally, competing nations COMPETE, as modern history up to but not including the 21st century, clearly indicates. So please, pre-empt my next question/statement; where is the opposition from Russia or China to the outrageous ILLEGAL military expansionism by Western forces? It may assist if we refer to the (historical) facts that former Yugoslavia was a traditional ally of Russia AND China, as IS Libya today!

The USA contrived to divide and destroy Yugoslavia and establish control of the STRATEGIC (now fragmented) BALKANS via its Western European allies, notwithstanding that Kosovo’s Bondsteel, is the largest American military base on continental Europe! However, after confronting this criminal onslaught against a much weaker nation for some time, we note the absence of a single menacing military gesture from Russia or China in support of TRADITIONAL ally, former Yugoslavia – even after a number of Chinese nationals were murdered by America intentionally targeting the Chinese Embassy during the bombing of civilian city, Belgrade!

History notes that no REAL opposition to Western forces from Russia or China occurred!

Now to Libya, another ‘former’ ally of Russia and (particularly) China, which has huge investments in Libyan resources. Where is the opposition to NATO and the US’ criminal bombing of civilian city, Tripoli, or to the FLAGRANT, un-mandated assassination attempts on Gaddafi? Answer: it DOES NOT EXIST, due in large part to the financial inter-relationships of the three largest superpowers. It is clear that the prevailing illegal military actions by western forces against much weaker states, proceeded well after financial globalist forces economically enslaved the nations that could offer the greatest resistance.

China is financially held to ransom by its large dollar reserves and by Banking cartels, as is Russia; so deals are struck, which America has no intention of honouring -- all governments today have been bought by Banking and Financial globalist elites. [Why specialist military units do not simply drag these KNOWN criminal elites out of their beds and shoot them, I do not know. RECLAIMING our nations from the mass murdering filth that have hijacked the world is that EASY!]

A stark reality presents itself to the overwhelming global majority today, LOOK TO YOURSELVES as no State will offer any assistance; PREPARE for the fight of YOUR LIVES and never forget a timeless military reality, the small always prevails against the large. Dramatic claims I know, but the harsh REALITY (social slavery/oppression) to which I allude will soon become apparent to ALL. Only the retarded and blind are unaware of the social oppression occurring at speed in once relatively free societies. It is the masses that globalists fear most, all their ‘terrorist’ propaganda is designed to enslave and relieve YOU of your freedoms and rights.

Our forefathers fought hard, many paying the ultimate price, to win the Freedoms and Liberties we once enjoyed – it is time to reclaim our respective nations and our societies!



Solutions may vary according to regional and cultural differences, nevertheless, the hard reality is that our leaders/governments serve the interests of minority elites not the democratic MAJORITY – PLAIN to SEE!

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