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Obama’s unilaterally declared Libyan war Illegal
by jango Tuesday, Jun 7 2011, 9:20pm
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The above FLAGRANT illegality notwithstanding, consider the fact that America, the WORLD’S leading civilian killing nation, pretends to fight a war to protect civilians in Libya.

To date NATO has flown ten fucking thousand (10K) sorties over Libya, most of them bombing the CIVILIAN CITY of Tripoli! The result, of course, is that US/NATO forces have killed more civilians in Libya than any other force – now spread that REALITY on your morning toast and choke on it!

Now impeach Obama for continuing a war without Congressional approval and then arrest him and the previous administration for war and other crimes against humanity.

You see how EASY it is? But you lack a vital component to realize your sovereignty, SPINE or backbone, COURAGE in a word.

The difference between the minority criminal Banking/Financial elites that lord over you the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY is, the tiny minority is ORGANIZED and WORKS co-operatively to a common goal i.e., their wealth and supremacy and YOUR slavery – now suck on that little FACT with your morning coffee!

In the immortal words of Bill Hicks, “go back to bed America, your government is taking care of [itself] you!”

[I just spent all morning dissuading a group of activists from putting 10oz's of LSD into a major city's water supply -- I wonder whether we made the right decision? It'll keep for a more co-ordinated approach, including perhaps major IT interventions, other specialists at work etc, etc. Large cities actually hang on a thread. I couldn't help smiling at the prospect of an entire city tripping -- probably do more good than harm! I had no idea how easy it is to introduce substances into the water supply. No city can adequately secure its town water -- HomeLand Security is a MIRAGE; but go back to bed America you'll be tripping in the morning!]

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