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CORPORATE Criminals, Corporate WARS – Killing for PROFIT, NOT honour!
by stace Tuesday, Jun 7 2011, 12:07am
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What does it take? Are thinking people required to CONTINUALLY rub the public’s nose in the STARK CRIMINAL REALITY of CORPORATE WARS today? There were no WMD, as criminal corporate facilitators Rumsfeld, Cheney, Blair, Bush and Howard swore repeatedly – these mass murdering LIARS must be arrested and held accountable until the entire sordid and vile truth is revealed.

Search your favourite search Engines with these key phrases. ‘Operation Northwoods,’ and choke on the parallels to 9/11; then try ‘Gulf of Tonkin,’ ‘USS Liberty,’ ‘Building 7,’ ‘Engineers and Architects for 9/11 Truth’ etc. The TRUTH is all around you, readily accessible and beyond doubt for any rational person. There is not “a shred of evidence” to indicate Iran is building nuclear weapons, stated plainly by the former director of the IAEA, yet Iranians are portrayed as devils and a danger to the entire universe – are we home, is the light on?

No American, NATO partner or puppet Australian ally fights an honourable war to protect their respective nations today – ALL the wars including Libya were pre-planned by CORPORATE and BANKING interests. Did you miss the urgency with which criminal forces established a RESERVE BANK, “with Governor” in rebel Libyan territory just weeks into the CIA created conflict – a VERY ODD precedent wouldn’t you say? Let’s not overlook the FACT that Gaddafi refused to be a part of the global Reserve Banking System centred in New York under the direct control of the PRIVATELY OWNED Federal Reserve!

The facts and truth spell out a horrid story of VILE banking, financial and corporate interests that stop at nothing, including civilian holocausts (Iraq) and continued civilian killing in Central Asia today, to accrue filthy profit.

Consider the Clinton embargo on Iraq – no medicines -- that resulted in over half a million child deaths from easily treatable diseases. Then recall the satanic statement made by former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright that “it was worth it!” To whom and WHAT worth does this vile creature place on the life of an INNOCENT CHILD, the civilised world would like to KNOW? Are you also reading this, Condi Rice, responsible for thousands of child deaths in Gaza?

The entire gang of puppet politicians and their Wall St overlords are the most heinous criminals HISTORY has ever known. Do your research and verify the facts for yourselves.

It is time to cease killing EACH OTHER and time to turn our sights on the REAL ENEMY; CRIMINALS that plan and instigate all the wars raging today – they give no quarter and no quarter shall be given them!

Countless innocent children dead so fat cats can wallow in zillions they don’t even know how to spend constructively; just MORE WARS, DEVASTATION and DESTRUCTION, which they clearly enjoy – the “PERMANENT WAR” club, from their own mouths!

It is time to remove and ELIMINATE this HEINOUS criminal filth from our midst and hold them all accountable for their countless crimes against humanity. REJECT ALL MAJOR political parties and VOTE REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS in every election at every level of government and never again fall into the trap of supporting the major (bought and owned) parties of criminal Bankers and Corporatists.

We are able to restore civilised society and peaceful relations if we have the will and moral commitment.


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