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700ft Metallic Penis found on Mars
by glenn Monday, Jun 6 2011, 11:50am
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"I hope it's not a weapon"

An amateur astronomer has discovered, with the assistance of CIA partner Google, what appears to be a metallic cylindrical structure on Mars -- Orson Wells would be proud. All I have to say after listening to the alarmist gibberish by the 'discoverer' is, only in (lobotomised) America!

The REAL news back on earth is far more interesting; Iceland, Portugal, Greece, Spain and Ireland are about to default on their sovereign debt while an Indian Yogi (with 30 million followers) has pledged to fast to death in protest of systemic corruption in Government. It seems Bankers and their Madison Ave partners are getting desperate.

Gee, 'i hope it's not a weapon' too, you mindless moron. No population on earth is as frightened and as gullible as the American population -- home of chicken shits, land of morons and quivering cowards!

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