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Armed vs Unarmed Resistance
by nano Wednesday, Jun 1 2011, 12:51am
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

When neo-cons were drafting the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) or world hegemony by any other name, criminal neo-con corporate facilitators confronted the problem of State sovereignty, International Law and human rights – THEIR ‘solution,’ as the world is NOW aware, was to ignore or corrupt International Legal Institutions, disregard State Sovereignty and completely ignore the rights/lives of innocent civilians, as the horrendous civilian death toll, which now ranges in the millions, clearly indicates. From the start it became apparent that the free world was dealing with a new, State CRIMINAL force!

Saladin reclaims Middle East from Western Crusaders
Saladin reclaims Middle East from Western Crusaders

The world was slow to react to the overt criminal actions of the USA and its puppet allies – the numbing shock of witnessing open brazen criminal tactics from democratic governments probably contributed to the delay; however, with the rapid increase in social and political awareness, a tide of massive discontent is growing in occupied nations today, to the extent where Washington installed puppet leaders fear for their lives! A very tenuous situation now exists in occupied nations as brutalised citizens begin to mobilise against the criminal forces that have caused them so much hardship and grief.

Every Serb, Iraqi, Afghani, Pakistani and Libyan citizen is now acutely aware of the criminal activities of Washington in their homelands.

The continued killing of civilians by war crime weaponry – UAV Drones -- is fuelling massive discontent in Central Asia and American paper money payoffs to families are failing to satisfy those traumatised by their losses, as if filthy greenbacks could adequately compensate for the loss of loved ones!

America’s push for world domination is FAULTERING as the price paid by occupied communities becomes far too high to be tolerated.

We know that the American war machine/economy dreads the prospect of world peace and friendly relations between nations, its unrelenting efforts to destabilise, divide and conquer other nations has been evident for decades.

So what are the most effective means of defeating western terrorist forces, armed or unarmed resistance? Perhaps both!

Gandhi taught the world the effectiveness of unarmed resistance; he confronted British occupying forces with peaceful demonstrations until the British ‘lost it’ and foolishly opened fire on the protesters, killing hundreds -- an act which ended any justification for continued colonial rule in India. There is great power is unarmed resistance; masses peacefully protesting outside houses of government and DEMANDING REAL CHANGE and reform or whatever else the democratic MAJORITY wishes, has changed the direction of many societies.

The number of armed popular rebellions are too numerous to cite here, however, armed rebellion may be a complimentary adjunct to urban uprisings; while masses protest peacefully in city capitals armed rebels could conduct guerrilla campaigns against occupying forces in the field.

Whatever methods occupied populations choose to rid themselves of parasitic, murdering occupiers and corrupt governments, rest assured the process has begun; America’s PSYCHOPATHIC plan for permanent war and destabilisation will never be realised.

Always in the background, shadowy CRIMINAL Banking and Corporate interests behind America’s military actions continue to disregard the SANCTITY of HUMAN LIFE in pursuit of profits and continuing illegal acquisitions.

Targeting and understanding the nature of the REAL ENEMY is indispensable to final VICTORY.

audio Truth Hurt Lies Kill - Dr Dahlia Wasfi


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NATO says attacks on Afghan houses 'necessary'
by staff report via gan - CTV News Wednesday, Jun 1 2011, 1:10am

A NATO spokesperson says attacks on houses in Afghanistan are necessary and will continue, despite Afghan President Hamid Karzai's assertion that he will no longer permit them to take place.

Karzai took a hardline stance Tuesday against NATO airstrikes on houses, following an attack over the weekend that claimed the lives of women and children.

NATO officials said the Saturday airstrike in Helmand province left at least nine people dead. Afghan officials, however, said the strike killed 14 people, including at least 10 children and two women.

Karzai said such strikes are not acceptable, and Afghanistan is willing to take "unilateral" action against NATO if they continue.

"From this moment, airstrikes on the houses of people are not allowed," Karzai told reporters in Kabul.

He said he has repeatedly stressed to Afghanistan's international allies that deadly airstrikes that claim civilian lives are not acceptable and said if they don't stop, "the Afghan government will be forced to take unilateral action."

It wasn't clear what actions, if any, Karzai, could take against NATO.

"If this is repeated, Afghanistan has a lot of ways of stopping it, but we don't want to go there. We want NATO to stop the raids on its own, without a declaration ... by the Afghan government, because we want to continue to co-operate," Karzai said.

Hours later, NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu said such airstrikes "continue to be necessary," though she said NATO takes the Afghan president's concerns seriously and the alliance always takes measures to limit civilian casualties.

NATO initially said it would review its procedures but emphasized that all such air strikes are done with the co-ordination and approval of the Afghan government.

The organization worded its response carefully, saying "in the days and weeks ahead we will co-ordinate very closely with President Karzai to ensure that his intent is met," said Maj. Sunset Belinsky, NATO spokesperson.

In the past, Karzai has made strong statements against some NATO tactics, such as night raids, but later backed away from his demands.

Belinsky went on to say that insurgents often use civilians as human shields, and position their bases in neighbourhoods where NATO strikes are all but certain to claim civilian lives.

However, she said NATO will continue to use air strikes against its enemies when that is the only option available.

Karzai's ultimatum could put his government on a collision course with NATO and specifically, U.S. forces.

On Tuesday he said NATO forces could be seen as an "occupying force" if they don't respect Afghanistan as a sovereign nation.

The Taliban often refers to the coalition by the same term.

NATO has apologized for the deadly attack on Saturday, saying troops believed the compound they were firing on housed only insurgents.

The attack took place in Nawzad district.

The U.S. Marine commander of the region, Maj. Gen. John Toolan, said NATO ordered the airstrike after a Marine was killed in a nearby insurgent attack.

Five insurgents occupied a compound and continued to attack coalition troops, who called in an airstrike "to neutralize the threat," Toolan said.

The civilian casualties were later discovered in the house.

In 2010, at least 2,777 civilians were killed in Afghanistan, according to a United Nations report. That number marks an increase of 15 per cent over the previous year.

(With files from The Associated Press)

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