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Cate Blanchett, great actress but No Climatologist
by sal Tuesday, May 31 2011, 1:19am
international / environment / commentary

A recent report states that GLOBAL carbon emissions in 2010 were the highest ever recorded; an outcome which clearly indicates that Oz PM, Gillard and Bankers Goldman Sachs are running with a dud plan/TAX. Urgent remedial action from government is clearly required, the free market is a cesspool of rogues, criminals and cheats the likes of which – recent global economic collapse -- could never be trusted to manage carbon emissions effectively and HONESTLY. Extremely severe penalties and other harsh REGULATORY measures are now required from the only body legally capable of doing so, GOVERNMENT! If the world truly wishes to reduce carbon emissions the solution now rests with governments. But as we should all be aware, the reality of energy needs far outweighs every other consideration, including Carbon dioxide emissions. So it’s a ‘no game’ scenario!

Cate Blanchett from Carbon Tax advert
Cate Blanchett from Carbon Tax advert

However, a positive take on this latest news is Bankers Goldman Sachs and other Financial interests would be prevented from profiteering on carbon ‘derivatives’ and ‘swaps’ which THEIR Carbon Tax/trading would create. Gillard Sachs’ toxic TAX is essentially designed to line the pockets of Bankers and other Financial interests FIRST, climate control comes a very poor and far too slow, second. Cate Blanchett would be well advised to research the subject and verify the FACTS for herself! Her ‘blonde’ hair does her no favours on this stage!

Economist Ross Garnaut also released a report which clearly states that average families and citizens would bear almost the ENTIRE cost of an introduced carbon tax – a PENALTY TAX (not applied universally) would have no effect on global climate whatsoever!

In critical national or global emergencies – if indeed one exists – there are NO SUBSTITUTES for COMPETENT, REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT and strong REGULATION/management.

Perhaps now it becomes apparent that people should elect strong, capable, INDEPENDENT leaders to government and not corporate lackeys and LIARS like gushing and completely servile, Gillard.


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