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Mainstream Media finally wakes to Juliar Gillard’s Unpopularity
by dasha Monday, May 30 2011, 10:10am
national / social/political / commentary

It has become painfully obvious to the Oz Labor Party that leader, Juliar Gillard, is about as popular as a bit of dog shit on the end of a stick – she has become a sure fire LOSER and LIABILITY the likes of which has never been seen in Oz politics. After her shameless, servile and despicable gushing suck in Washington recently, it is hardly surprising that the Oz public has TOTALLY rejected this spineless Carbon Tax Corporate lackey and American fellatrix. This offensive cat-howling fishwife is so obnoxious it’s a wonder her Party’s rankings are not LOWER than 34%.

Juliar Gillard
Juliar Gillard

Every time she opens her LYING mouth to sell the Goldman Sachs’ designed Carbon PENALTY Tax to an already debt-strapped population, her tenure as leader slips and her non-existent credibility plummets to ever greater minus figures – the sight of her is now becoming a problem for her party she has all the appeal of dog vomit and I do NOT exaggerate!

Furthermore, she persists in INSULTING the intelligence of the Oz public by continually attempting to marry the Banker designed Carbon Con to the FACT that the earth experiences climate change. Well of course climate change is REAL, Juliar, it has been occurring since the formation of the earth and continues today.

There are numerous factors involved in continuing climate change; the primary determinant of terrestrial climate is Solar Activity and the least factor involved in the earth’s climate is carbon dioxide emissions, which remains a naturally occurring substance unlike the TOXIC pollutants produced by Gillard’s Corporate overlords.

If she truly desires to control carbon emissions then target the problem at its source, the MAJOR CORPORATE CARBON POLLUTERS and leave the long-suffering Oz population out of the equation. Bankers are aware that it’s almost impossible to regulate or determine the amount of carbon a major Corporate polluter produces but it’s an easy matter to introduce a CRIPPLING NEW TAX on the people via obliging Corporate puppets like Gillard.

Force LYING Gillard to REVEAL how she proposes to accurately assess the amount of Carbon emissions produced by Corporate polluters and watch her run for her lying life – it is almost impossible to accurately assess the carbon emitted by industries that do not wish to divulge accurate figures – perhaps Gillard has invented a magical carbon meter that only measures carbon emissions but not naturally occurring carbon in the environment! There are very good reasons why Gillard AVOIDS releasing D-E-T-A-I-L-S on how she intends to manage and REGULATE industry emissions ACCURATELY – we would all like to know, Juliar.

Former PM Rudd wore the Internet censorship albatross around his Murdoch sucking neck; Howard had his head so far up Bush’s arse his face now carries a permanent tan but Gillard tops them both with brazen LIES, no integrity whatsoever, and un-mandated policy implementation. The Oz population has learnt much since traitorous Howard led the nation into a criminal war. Gillard has not improved her rhetoric to the degree public awareness now demands; she is unaware that her transparent, feeble lies convince no one of anything!

At some stage the Independents will be forced to abandon Gillard’s minority government or risk going down with her.

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