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Russia BACKFLIPS on Libyan Stance sides with US/NATO
by nano Friday, May 27 2011, 9:41pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Remember the once ferocious Russian bear that kept other lunatic superpowers in check with threats of annihilation and remember the period of post WWII PEACE this balance created? Now recall the historical collapse of the Soviet Union in the 80’s, which changed forever the balance of world power.

Medvedev and Obama
Medvedev and Obama

Today we see the Russian bear in a pink ballerina costume dancing on its toes to the tune of US/NATO CRIMINAL APPROPRIATIONS and LAWLESSNESS; Russia has effectively joined forces with traditional opponents, which finally puts to rest any notion of State OPPOSITION. Corrupt leaderships will run roughshod over International Law and Convention in pursuit of anything they perceive to be of value and to hell with LAW, civil society and morality – MIGHT is RIGHT after all; a primitive jungle ideology with dangerous modern weapons now prevails, a very scary scenario. [How far society has ‘advanced!’]

Welcome to the BRAZEN mafia rule of the 21st century and may all moral and civilised people – the VAST GLOBAL MAJORITY -- be alert and AWARE of the new ugly reality that confronts us!

We are faced with the recent arrest of Gen. Ratko Mladic on war crimes charges (to distract from NATO crimes in Libya) while OTHER KNOWN high profile war criminals are ignored, I refer of course to Bush, Blair, Clinton, Howard, Rumsfeld, Rice, Obama, etc; these people collectively are directly RESPONSIBLE for MILLIONS of INNOCENT CIVILIAN deaths (VERIFIABLE fact) while Mladic stands accused of murdering 8,000 civilians – work it out for yourselves! If we seek JUSTICE then let’s have it ACROSS THE BOARD without BIAS or gross partiality!

The Russian leadership’s ‘cave’ to global criminal forces has in fact done the FREE WORLD a great FAVOUR, it buries once and for all notions that State opposition exists. We the people of the WORLD – a 99.99% MAJORITY – stand ‘alone’ in our fight for justice and REAL representative DEMOCRACY. The opposition is a miniscule group of well organised but very weak Bankers, Financiers and Transnational Executives. Their names and addresses they publish openly. However, FIRST we must remove the corrupt puppets that have been placed in office and RESTORE OUR respective governments and critical State Institutions. The LAW must be applied without fear or FAVOUR if we are to have a sustainable, fair and equitable society.

Be aware that the only difference between the vast global MAJORITY and minority cabals is that the cabals are organised and UNITED while we remain DIVIDED (by their design!) A situation EASILY REMEDIED.

We are MANY -- We are ONE – We are UNSTOPPABLE!

A final word to ALL unrepresentative criminal governments and puppet leaders – your tenure balances on the edge of a razor! As for minority criminal cabals, you are dead men walking!

Libyan Invasion AND Regime Change planned years before

Minority ruling elites continue to LIE about their REAL intentions; the global majority at this stage appears to accept the brazen LIES and the OVERT criminal activity that follows. Nevertheless, the STREETS have always 'belonged' to the PEOPLE; and the historical FACT remains; ANYONE can be dispatched at any time. THINK OUTSIDE THE (pre-fabricated) BOX! 'They' breathe because WE allow it!

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