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Ratko Mladic arrested; Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rice remain at large!
by stan Thursday, May 26 2011, 7:35am
international / social/political / commentary

As NATO continues its unmandated overtly criminal war in Libya, Serbia’s SERVILE president Tadic, announced today that he arrested General Ratko Mladic and will hand him over to the Hague – a Court that somehow is blind to American and NATO war crimes committed under its totally corrupt and PARTIAL ‘nose.’

General Ratko Mladic
General Ratko Mladic

Things must be going very badly for NATO and the US to pull Gen. Mladic ‘out of the hat’ – Mladic, a very high ranking and politically connected Serb, could not have remained at large for so long without approval from corrupt Serbian and Western elites.

NATO was making front page news all over the world for outrageous breaches of the UN ‘humanitarian intervention’ mandate in Libya. Obama has also exceeded his 60 day legal limit for a unilaterally declared war without approval from Congress; it’s just one illegality after another but who is really counting or cares?

The world is now run by financial criminal elites that have infiltrated, corrupted and taken control of every institution that posed a potential threat to their nefarious plans for complete global hegemony – they currently rule ALL western ‘democracies’ by proxy; have you not noticed the degree to which politicians are in the pockets of BIG BUSINESS? Western governments no longer represent the MAJORITY but instead SERVE a minority that instruct puppet politicians to impose UNPOPULAR and UNWANTED policy and constrictive legislation onto the masses.

Western leaders LIE through their teeth to gain office then ‘backflip’ and attempt to impose unmandated policies onto a once unwary public – Oz PM Gillard and US President Obama are the most explicit examples of servile clowns totally beholden to the powers for their personal futures and current positions – make no mistake!

However, regardless of all the frantic efforts of corporate mass media to sustain their political puppets in power, the masses are beginning to DEMOCRATICALLY reject debt slavery and Carbon PENALTY Taxes. This situation has the elites in a blood sweat -- social revolutions have exploded all over the world as people REJECT CORRUPT, ELITIST rule.

Elites are painfully aware that the global economy cannot tolerate more ‘quantitative easing’ or printing unpegged valueless money on demand. If they fail to introduce a PENALTY Carbon Economy soon THEIR collapse is inevitable – exposure and accountability would follow!

Mladic’s arrest is no distraction whatsoever; in fact, it highlights the need to arrest Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Blair, Howard, Clinton, Obama and others – DEMAND IT – if the LAW means anything at all!

Continue to reject debt slavery, inequity and any PENALTY Carbon based tax/economy and REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY would again become a viable option

Never allow any government to impose unmandated policy onto the people and continue to VOTE for community leaders and REAL INDEPENDENTS.

Take heart from fact that the PEOPLE are REJECTING the nightmare world of permanent war, slavery and deprivation criminal elites are attempting to create.

The above simple measures would see criminal elites eliminated and law, order, equity and fair play returned to our respective societies.

And never forget, we are MANY -- We are ONE – WE are IRRESISTIBLE!


[As for the cabals, it is OVER!]

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