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Netanyahu Shits in Obama's Faggot Face, Bravo!
by skip Wednesday, May 25 2011, 12:08am
international / social/political / commentary

Netanyahu's speech to Congress was saturated with emphatics and uncompromising absolutes, all of which directly opposed Obama's wishes; a speech you would not expect from an astute politician, but in Obama's case, Netanyahu got it right!


Demonstrate to the WORLD how the 'flea wags the dog;' demonstrate, without restraint, how much power Zionists are able to exercise over Washington; and finally show the WORLD who's REALLY BOSS by adamantly refuting every demand and plan that servile President, Baa' rack Obaa' maa, had for Middle East peace.

Israel remains a stolen, UNDEMOCRATIC, and extremely dependent State, BUT fuck you, US President!

I have no time for either party but I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle, Netanyahu dumping on Obama to the ecstatic applause of Congress. Coward Obama conveniently avoided the situation by being on the other side of the earth, an 'urgent' visit to Ireland of all places -- you PATHETIC, chicken-shit!


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