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Oz Carbon Tax in a Nutshell
by baz Sunday, May 22 2011, 8:55pm
international / imperialism / commentary

First let me say that climate change is REAL and constant, as the geological and meteorological record clearly indicates; BUT that has no bearing whatsoever on the Goldman Sachs designed PENALTY TAX SYSTEM Julia Gillard wishes to IMPOSE on the good citizens of Australia.

This TAX is an attempt by Banking and Financial elites to shift the economy from a production base to a PENALTY base system; however, the HUGE FLAW in this (lack of vital details) sell is the claim that government would subsidise high end polluters so as not to interfere with their bottom line and would ALSO assist families burdened with additional costs so why introduce it in the first instance? Why impose a penalty tax and then subsidise polluters? Answer; because its a LIE, yet another DECEPTION to implement a lock-down tax that would completely contain (crucify) the average family/citizen while allowing Corporatists to trade Carbon Swaps and derivatives while receiving Government (taxpayer) subsidies -- thereby avoiding the greater burden of the penalty tax.

Anyone that promises to impose a penalty system and then remove the burden of the penalty is LYING in your face, pure and simple! DEMAND the DETAILS and you will soon see the CON for yourselves. The ploy or ruse is simply to introduce the tax and then steadily remove any assistance initially promised! The lack of details should alert everyone to the brazen DECEPTION.

Of course the IMPACT of such a TAX on jobs and the standard of living would be SEVERE if other nations refused to adopt the TAX or cheated, which would be ridiculously easy. Jobs would instantly flee to nations that offer lower production costs and Oz society would decline in the same manner as American society.

This TAX is a method of social containment via FINANCIAL (PENALTY) means while allowing the wealthy to continue to live high on the hog with taxpayer subsidies and swaps.

Demand COMPLETE details before the introduction of ANY penalty TAX and verify the ruse for yourselves; and never forget that Julia Gillard had no MANDATE to implement such a tax BURDEN on the public.

Its a CON from start to finish and Gillard is known (speech to Congress) as the most Washington COMPLIANT -- therefore Wall St compliant -- Oz PM in modern history. The reprehensible, treasonous bitch (make no mistake about that) completely serves Banking and Financial elites at the EXPENSE of the national interest and to the GREAT DETRIMENT of the AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE!

And do not think for a minute the Abbott opposition would not implement, by surreptitious means, another version of this tax the major parties serve the same interests.

The lesson here is NOT to SUPPORT the MAJOR PARTIES or any other party that does not serve the interests of the majority. RESTORE REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY TO AUSTRALIA by voting for REAL INDEPENDENTS and community leaders that you know represent YOUR interests. Get Australia back on track by DEFYING MINORITY ELITES that would effectively enslave Australian society I do not exaggerate, research the matter for yourselves and see that the CARBON CON/TAX is a raft of LIES and DECEPTIONS designed to benefit the minority while crucifying the masses.

Make your voice heard by REFUSING this TAX and VOTING the bastards into political OBLIVION at every Local, State and Federal election.

We are ONE, we are MANY, we are AUSTRALIAN

audio We are Australian


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by al Sunday, May 22 2011, 9:44pm

The solution is to REGULATE, with punitive measures if necessary, the major polluters, not to impose another TAX burden on the people.

Major Corporate polluters are easily able to carry the burden due to the obscene profits they have been making over the past few decades.

The issue is whether the Corporate controlled government has the backbone to do it!

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