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Rapture and the Measureless Imbecility of Americans
by carl Saturday, May 21 2011, 11:04pm
international / theology / commentary

Another America moron Christian fails to predict the end of the world, which was supposed to occur yesterday; there is no point in naming a single American Bible Bashing idiot -- the nation is full of them and even more BLIND believers who made thorough mindless moronic asses of themselves yesterday.


Perhaps now those that wonder how anyone could believe the transparent LIES that issue from the White House, have an answer! America is the home of the 'great white rat' or dumbed down cretin. It hosts the most uninformed, ill-educated and socially retarded population in the developed world -- and that is NO accident!

The U.S. user pays system ensures mass ignorance and elitist management. Wonder no more how anyone could believe the preposterous 9/11 Government Report defying basic physics, or the ridiculous, countless retractions and corrected stories of the Bin Laden assassination -- it's ALL FICTION designed to dupe and ENSLAVE a banjo-playing population that would believe an exact time and date for the end of the world -- and that applies to the 2012 group of space cadets too!

You people are damn fortunate that I do not have the button in my hand, I would certainly guarantee the end of the United States, you mindless, moronic oxygen wasters.

O, and by the way, I forgot to mention that I am GOD and I was too busy getting my cock sucked last night by the Virgin Mary to bother with ending the world; has it not yet occurred to you geniuses that I might like what I create and that I am not a sadistic, homicidal maniac like the FILTH that rules the USA? The sooner the WORLD realises that it must -- it's an urgent imperative -- OBLITERATE the USA the sooner the WORLD will know peace -- that is a FACT!

Dump the greenback and position every available nuke on the USA, that simple; YES dummies, that easy! There is no good reason to support the dollar and all America's Imperial wars thereby; the WORLD understands the dynamic and YOU people are definitely walking a tightrope -- YOUR END IS NIGH -- that you can believe!


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Goldman Sachs and the Greenback
by stan Wednesday, May 25 2011, 12:51am

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts interview with Max Keiser:

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