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‘Humanitarian intervention’ becomes full-scale illegal war in Libya
by stan Friday, May 20 2011, 9:33am
international / peace/war / commentary

"Bomb Everything in Libya" -- Gen. Richard Davis (NATO)

Seemingly frustrated by Col. Gaddafi’s tenacity, and its INABILITY to end the Libyan invasion quickly and install compliant puppet leaders, NATO has begun a full scale war targeting and sinking eight Libyan war ships moored in harbour. Add to that attack the thousands of NATO air sorties already conducted and we have an unmandated WAR in progress. Remember that the feeble excuse for ‘intervention’ originally was to protect civilians; I would wager at this stage that NATO and CIA backed rebels are responsible for more civilian deaths than any other force in Libya. Iraq is a very good example/model of an US/NATO conducted oil war which resulted in over ONE MILLION CIVILIAN DEATHS, all directly and indirectly caused by invading forces. Here we go again!

Unmandated regime change quickly morphed into assassination attempts on Gaddafi and his sons/family. As of yesterday we now have an escalated war to deal with and of course the civilian death toll is either deceitfully reduced (uncounted) or completely blacked out of the Western media – we can’t have our corporate wars of resource appropriation (theft) portrayed as anything other than the 'white knight saving the damsel in distress' – for fuck’s sake people, hit yourselves overt the head with a mallet to determine whether you’re still alive!

However, the greatest UNSTATED news in relation to the Libyan ‘intervention’ is the non-existent indignation/protestations that SHOULD be coming from superpussy-powers, Russia and China, over the massive escalation and illegal extensions of the UN mandated ‘humanitarian intervention.’ We do note the ICC, under instructions, hurriedly issued arrest warrants for Gaddafi and some senior officials in a transparent attempt to justify overt NATO war crimes. We also note the lack of arrest warrants for NATO officials and personnel involved in the murders of three very young children in a failed attempt on Gaddafi’s life.

It makes for absurd media to now read that China has threatened retaliation if the West attacks Pakistan – what does China think UAV drones have been doing in the NW frontier region for years?

All these transparent antics amount to at least one clear conclusion, super power opposition no longer exists, the game is now openly rigged and is run by financial, banking and Transnational Corporate elites.

It’s now time to turn on your TVs and watch the latest ‘news,’ people!

The basic premise of this video - OIL WARS - is correct; however, if Russia were indeed excluded from Libyan oil deals, as is claimed, then why isn't Russia screaming or acting to defend its interests? A deal seems to have been cut; Russia is now a player, as is China in the illegal invasions and theft of other nations' resources and sovereign wealth -- occasional vocal opposition is a FEIGN; (borderless) global criminal elites are temporarily running the planet unchallenged. [But not for much longer!]

Corporatist Elites Behind the Wars

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