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Being Here
by ryall Saturday, May 14 2011, 10:32am
international / prose/poetry / literature


emotions surge
from the depths
of Being
to find expression
on the surface
where they form
joyous additions to
life or violent turmoil,
destruction and death.

there’s no escaping
the dualities of
this world
(while ur on it)

love-‘disappointment’ etc.

(there’s no shortage of hate;
i need not
add to it here!)

this world is characterised
by the constant tussle
of polarities
(each) vying one with
the other
while remaining
inextricably bound
by mutual attraction, definition

there is no life
without death
to define it --
those who talk of life eternal
know zilch, as life cannot
exist without death.

polarities are specific
to this world
tho we view other worlds thru
the dualist eyes of terrestrials

the Chinese reduced it perfectly to
Heaven and Earth.

we cannot accept joy
without experiencing sadness
or peace without knowing conflict
or Freedom without first experiencing

get used to it.

constant happiness is myth
as is lasting melancholia;
the pendulum swings
irresistibly back and forth
touching both extremes

everything is propelled
by its opposite;
nothing is motionless
in this world,
tension creates
everything that is.

earthlings are buffeted
and taken for the ride
of their lives

irresistibly drawn to each other
to tussle, merge or mutually

the Chinese also offer
helpful navigation advice
for this world of dualities;

achieve quiescence through
gain through release
and freedom
through (singular) dedication.

if you must cry,
cry tears of joy
create harmony from disharmony
peace from war, etc;

never favour one side
at the cost of the other
lest the tension increases and
tears you apart.

[ride easy, ride well.]

audio Celeste - Donovan

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