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The Overtly Corrupt ICC Continues to Ignore NATO War Crimes
by quill Friday, May 13 2011, 9:08pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

In a frantic effort to avoid legal responsibility for war crimes, in particular failed attempts on Muammar Gaddafi’s life, which resulted in numerous civilian casualties including the deaths of three young children, US/NATO forces have enlisted the compliant ICC to hurriedly issue arrest warrants for Gaddafi and some of his senior officials. This they hope would legitimise their unmandated assassination attempts on Gaddafi and their colonial invasion. However, NATO’s war crimes would pre-date any warrant hurriedly issued by the exceedingly compliant ICC, the most PARTIAL and farcical legal institution in Europe today.

It should be noted that the ICC remains completely indifferent to US/NATO war crimes yet goes to great pains to form dubious ‘grounds’ upon which to issue arrest warrants for US/NATO enemies – I mean give the world and the LAW a break!

Puppet president Obaa’ maa stated plainly that regime change in Libya was not approved or mandated by the UN and should not be pursued; however, US/NATO ACTIONS tell another (criminal) story!

An old adage here applies, give them ‘enough rope.’ Western media presentations of the Libyan invasion have little relation to the reality on the ground. Things are going very badly for western colonial forces, strategically, tactically and LEGALLY. The Libyan ‘humanitarian’ intervention is already exposed as a total charade, a tissue-thin pretext for oil and resource theft at the behest of Transnational Corporations. In fact, except for slight variations in the LIES it could be a repeat performance of the Iraq invasion.

This report is simply to increase social awareness by highlighting the actual criminals and how they operate. The Corporatist forces at work in Libya are the SAME as those responsible for the Balkan, Iraq and Afghan wars – make no mistake!

What was hidden or disguised yesterday is very evident today, the identities and transparent processes by which minority criminal cabals seek to gain control of the entire WORLD – this is no exaggeration.

Justice is served by a future International Court that prosecutes breaches of Law IMPARTIALLY, not the clearly BIASED ICC. To date no US/NATO members or allies has been held accountable for their KNOWN and recorded war crimes offences!

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