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No Proof Whatsoever!
by baz Thursday, May 5 2011, 12:53am
international / mass media / commentary

“The operation -- code named 'Geronimo' -- was watched by the President in real time from the helmet mounted camera of an elite Navy Seal commando.”

In spite of the above, not a skerrick of proof of the purported assassination of Hollywood Bin Laden has been offered the WORLD by the clearly criminal US administration.

The Real Geronimo
The Real Geronimo

Puppet president Obaa’maa has delivered the final word on the subject, no pictures will be released! It should be noted that today’s computerised image analysis methods are easily able to detect fraudulent images. So, as a substitute for still images, let’s have the real time video sequence of the event, as witnessed by the US ‘war cabinet’ with a tiny edit of Osama’s head being blown off, of course – we could easily analyse the sequence without the brain splatter of an unarmed man being head-shot! Go on, Washington, restore your LOST CREDIBILITY and release the video; we are experts and are easily able to identify the ‘actors’ in a sequence.

You forget you are dealing with an educated and capable WORLD, boy, not your lobotomised US population that believes Saddam was responsible for 9/11 and had WMD and mobile talcum powder/’anthrax’ labs driving around the desert – ridiculous!

For Christ’s sake, people, DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY not just for this feeble no body no crime/ruse but for every war crime, civilian holocaust and other crimes committed by the WORLD’S leading terrorist STATE, America!

In a convoluted twist of ‘justice,’ the ICC, under pressure to toe the lying line, is investigating Gaddafi for war crimes when the overt crime of a FAILED NATO assassination attempt which resulted in the deaths of three YOUNG INNOCENT CHILDREN is dutifully ignored by the biased and THOROUGHLY CORRUPT ICC!

Those who questioned the PARTIALITY of the ICC have had their worst fears confirmed today – the ICC serves western power elites and is duty bound to ignore the crimes committed by Western powers, especially the many crimes committed by the US/NATO over the past decade – the latest NATO war crimes in Libya offer indisputable proof of the fact!

The above assessment is far from conspiratorial US ambassador, Jeffrey Bleich; every Court in our land (Oz) requires proof of a claim – how much more is required of a State that conducts a PERMANENT WAR DOCTRINE?

I hope you are able to read this, Radovan Karadzic, and anyone else who imagines they can do a deal and/or take corruption monies from the CRIMINAL USA. If nothing else Bin Laden proves that America ‘disposes’ of all its assets when it suits. Bin Laden was a friend to the Bush family (Fact!) However, when pressure mounts or presidential popularity wanes the US reneges, all deals are off and assets become EXPENDABLE.

Let current and past events be a cogent warning to all those corrupt officials in the pay of the US criminal administration.

A final message to the cabals:
Think of this as you ply your nefarious trade -- how much longer do you imagine a few hundred global criminals are be able to dupe billions of people around the globe whose awareness grows exponentially on a daily basis? You people are only kidding yourselves. Only dumbed-down Americans accept wild claims without verifiable proof – ‘quick, dispose of that body before it incriminates us all’ -- pathetic!


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