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Indian Paedophile Guru dies at 85
by sadh Saturday, Apr 30 2011, 12:32pm
international / theology / commentary

Satya ‘sleight of hand’ Baba, the wealthiest paedophile guru in India, with a fortune approximating $10 billion, died of heart and respiratory failure on April 24th – good riddance, the world has one less second rate fraud and criminal paedophile to deal with.

Satya Sai Baba
Satya Sai Baba

His imbecile followers continue to believe in his purported divinity (real Gods don’t die, morons) though hard reality in the form of videos exposing his less than miraculous materialisations and the testimonies of numerous boys he mercilessly fucked up the arse clearly indicate otherwise.

When you have so much money -- most of which was donated by gullible westerners -- building hospitals, schools and other social amenities is NO redeeming gesture.

Sai Baba’s handlers bribed and corrupted local authorities and turned a blind eye to their guru’s perverted sexuality and his CRIMINAL molestation of very young boys.

His huge financial empire was built on second rate magic tricks, fraud, LIES and deceit – nevertheless, the ignorant and superstitious were well served by this reprehensible fraud and pervert.

Perhaps the most damning indication of his true character was the MURDER by thoroughly corrupt Bangalore police of 6 young boys which Sai Baba had molested over a period of years. As a group, they were about to go public with their stories of heinous sexual abuse by ‘God’ incarnate!

May this pervert and fraud rot in hell for his crimes – no one gets out until the last ‘jot and tittle’ are paid!

Apparently Sai Baba predicted his own death at 96 -- missed that by over a decade! He also said he would reincarnate in his home village. Mindless followers are presently searching hospitals for newborns that can perform magic tricks and lust after other male newborns!

However, if a market for inanity and superstition exists, supply is guaranteed. [There's one (sucker) born every minute.]

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