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TSA employee touches miss USA's CUNT numerous times
by stele Thursday, Apr 28 2011, 10:21am
international / human rights / commentary

Wake up America, or lose everything

I am known as a street rough and habitual cusser, not the sort of person easily upset, yet this video -- made spontaneously by Miss America, Susie Castillo, after being molested by a TSA employee -- I found extremely disturbing for a number of reasons, not least of which is the demeaning experience of having one's genitals groped in public by a perfect stranger!

We admire your spirit Susie and empathize with your plight to see common decency and respect returned to modern American society. But it's a hopeless situation I am sorry to say.

The American masses accept criminal behaviour from government and Corporate Executives as a matter of course these days; it is clear to outsiders that the majority of Americans have already lost their self-respect and have surrendered the last vestiges of their dignity to the criminals that run the country.

Jobs are sacrificed to other nations so the wealthy can accrue more wealth. People have accepted the outright LIES that the Corporate media disseminates. It is already a lost cause, dear Susie!

We advise relocating to more civilised climes, as the situation in America steadily deteriorates. You may be surprised to learn that a large number of Americans now view Oz in the same way the Vietnam generation viewed the sanctuary of Canada!

Australia is now home to many Americans; we are on the other side of the earth, not far enough away from America for some!

If Australian politicians attempted to pass laws allowing strangers to violate citizens as you have been violated, they would be turfed out of office quick smart, failing that they would simply be shot!

It's a lost cause Susie, leave the country while the leaving is good -- we have it on good authority that the place is about to be nuked and not just once!

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