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'Bad ... Ass ... ange'
by bluey Tuesday, Apr 19 2011, 1:01am
national / mass media / commentary

A picture of Julian Assange pissing in Uncle Sam’s iconic American top hat has won the Bald Archy prize this year. The Bald Archy Art competition is a send-up of the pretentious Archibald Prize presided over by the Art Gallery of NSW and every pretentious bourgeois fart in the Sydney Art scene.


The Oz tradition of cutting ‘tall poppies’ and ‘pissing on’ everything that pretends to exclusivity or elitism is alive and well, I am happy to say. The picture not only captures the sentiments of the Aussie majority regarding ‘American exceptionalism’ but also the sentiments of the GLOBAL MAJORITY, I would confidently state!

Bravo, to artist, Xavier Ghazi, long live the Oz egalitarian spirit and the associated ‘tall poppy syndrome’ and fuck HYPOCRITICAL, mass murdering, CORPORATIST America!

Cleaves Alternative News.