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Under Reported Recent Tectonic Activity
by stylus Monday, Apr 18 2011, 10:27pm
international / environment / opinion/analysis

Australia has recently suffered another two earthquakes in quick succession on opposite sides of the continent. The first was in the Bowen region on the East coast and the second, almost diagonally opposite, off the West coast in the North West shelf region of WA; both quakes were of 5.4 magnitude and followed a deep 7.1 magnitude quake off Fiji.


The quick succession of quakes and other tectonic activity around the globe since the Christchurch event, including the opening of huge fissures in the earth in Burma/Thailand and Peru, ARE OBVIOUSLY RELATED and should BE TREATED as such. However, the powers have seen fit, with the assistance of COMPLIANT, corrupt scientists and the Corporate controlled media, to treat these tectonic events as separate incidents -- ridiculous!

The muffle surrounding these sequential tectonic events is similar to the DOWNPLAYING and under-reporting of the seriousness of the Japanese nuclear disaster at Fukushima, which continues to defy efforts to contain the outrageous (criminally negligent) spread of radiation in the sea and atmosphere.

It is now reasonable to assume that the earth is preparing for radical geological upheaval, as has occurred many times in the past – the evidence of which can be found in the earth’s crust by geologists today.

Surely POPULATIONS of the world have a RIGHT TO KNOW which regions could possibly be devastated. I am not referring to the RELATIVELY mild tectonic activity recently experienced, but to HUGE, SUDDEN, CONTINENTAL EVENTS, with unimaginable consequences and loss of life.

Until our scientific community confronts its responsibility to the public and views recent tectonic activity as holistic, I would refer concerned citizens to the predictions of Edgar Cayce, a most extraordinary man.

Before he died in the late 40’s he predicted that SIBERIA and the ARCTIC regions of CANADA would become the future “breadbaskets of the world!” Imagine reading that material before runaway climate change! These regions are noted for their PERMAFROST, which extends many feet into the ground and allows for only the most rudimentary plant and lichen growth in the warmest seasons. However, AS IS NOW VERY APPARENT, these regions could well become temperate some time in the future and indeed become arable, (pollution free) land thanks to the rapid effects of climate change. BUT who would have made such outrageous predictions in the 30’s and 40’s, notwithstanding the current plausibility of the predictions -- astounding?

Cayce made many more predictions which have been proven uncannily accurate TODAY, as these events are unfolding before our very eyes – only dissociated, moron Americans are able to deny the reality that confronts the entire world today.

The deafening, ignorant (or corrupt) SILENCE of our scientific community only increases public concern. Friends in Oz recently hosted visitors from Japan escaping the RADIATION and advised them not return -- Cayce predicted that the GREATER PORTION OF JAPAN MUST GO INTO THE SEA!

Considering the recent flurry of tectonic activity and the location of Japan on one of the most geologically unstable regions on the planet, I do not scoff at these predictions as I once did; nor do I refuse other predictions made by this very gifted psychic. Cayce’s predictions relate to Mt Pelee, Etna, New York, the West Coast of America, South America and the Rabaul caldera of New Guinea.

Until such time (probably never) that our silent/corrupt, lost for analysis, scientific community decides to be more forthcoming, I refer open-minded readers to the Cayce material published by the A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, particularly a text titled, ‘EARTH CHANGES UPDATE.’

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