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Some Cold Hard Truths about Corporatists
by may Saturday, Mar 26 2011, 9:23am
international / personal development / commentary

Western 'democracies' today are all but totally under the control of Big Business and Corporatists. So it would be helpful to highlight what we already know about Big Business, Transnationals and the Corporatists that run them.

A Corporate Executive (corporatist) by nature is a LIAR, CHEAT, THIEF, DECEIVER and is proud of it!

He/she is motivated and driven by one principle only, PROFIT -- at any cost to society or the environment.

These people by definition are criminal psychopaths -- of this you can be sure -- responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent civilians in their wars of appropriation and acquisition. [Refer to the modern historical record if in doubt.]

Over the past few decades Corporatists have laid siege to the Democracies of the western world until by stealth, bribery, corruption, blackmail and other sordid means, they now have all western governments in their pockets -- majority rule or Representative Democracy is therefore dead.

The manic drive for profit and less regulation are the primary reasons the world is in constant social conflict and climatic/environmental CHAOS.

Corporatists and Bankers are directly and indirectly responsible for every modern war, especially those waged by the USA in recent years. The military of most western nations have become the enforcement arm of greedy, acquisitive Corporatists, who could care less for the human suffering, death and destruction they inflict.

The Corporate world has evolved over recent decades to become stateless/borderless. In order to evade responsibility and fair tax burdens, national companies, whose profits were once shared by default with the nation have become unaccountable and largely legally unregulated. The profits of Transnationals or multi-national companies today are greedily retained to feed the 'machine' and the Executives that run them, very little is returned to exploited nations.

I urge everyone to familiarise themselves with the Corporate beasts of the modern age.

The following video is one nation's attempt to curtail the criminal and polluting influence of one of the world's most evil companies -- the producer of genetically modified 'frankenfoods' and suicide seeds, MONSANTO.

While it is almost impossible to choose the most destructive and evil Corporation on the planet the short list would definitely include Monsanto.

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