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Australian Corporatist receives 13 year jail sentence for Dishonesty
by bluey Tuesday, Mar 22 2011, 10:35pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

It's a good START

Victorian Supreme Court Judge, Terry Forrest, stated that criminal Corporatist, Graeme Hoy, had targeted mostly small and 'family' investors with his fraudulent activities. “You have been responsible for fraud on a grand scale ...You practiced it on the vulnerable and gullible.” the judge said. But as every Corporatist knows that IS the NATURE of the GAME! Nevertheless, justice was served in this instance.

Hoy's relatively small company, 'Chartwell,' went into liquidation owing $80 million, the bulk of which to small investors.

Corporatist, Hoy, is to serve not less than 9 years of a 13 year sentence. Hard labour would have been appropriate.

Perhaps the Americans can take some heart and prevail on their own corrupt regulatory and Judicial System to apprehend the KNOWN criminal scoundrels on Wall St that were DIRECTLY responsible for the global economic collapse -- which was also the result of FRAUDULENT activity but on a grander scale. Compound life sentences would be appropriate in view of the repercussions of the crimes.

Reclaim your nation through the Courts, America, DEMAND IT! Exercise your inalienable RIGHTS as expressed by your founding fathers and REJECT the contortions and LIES fed to you today by Wall St criminals via their puppets in Congress and the White House.

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