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Putin, all talk no balls
by baz Monday, Mar 21 2011, 9:53pm
international / imperialism / news report

Gone are the days of strong Russian leaders who didn't think twice about containing Western Imperialism. Today we have 'Vlad the midget,' a little man compensating for his failings and cowardice with squawks and noises rather than CONFRONTATIONAL OPPOSITION -- behold the Russian Bear balancing on a circus ball and behold a Russian leader who has no balls at all!

Russian Bear
Russian Bear

And if China thinks its submissiveness goes unnoticed, think again; our yellow brothers are not called 'yellow' for nothing.

When will you realise Americans are mongrel cowards, they only pick on undeveloped weaker nations to invade, bomb and plunder. Consider the travesty of Afghanistan, one of the world's poorest nations with no industrial might whatsoever, YET after 9 years of war the USA cannot defeat this nation!

WAKE up comrades and launch against this vile cowardly filth known to the world as Corporatist America -- killers of women, children and innocent civilians.

The new century has known only war because Russia and China are too timid and frightened to oppose a strategically inept America -- given a fraction of your military resources I could defeat them easily.

Russia and China stand together as reprehensible cowards while they allow American criminal wars to continue! Russian and Chinese leaders are a disgrace to their nations and people and I should know.


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